The psychic who predicted the protests in the United States gave a prediction about the future of Trump

Psychic Daria Mironova, who predicted mass protests in the United States a few weeks ago, predicted the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential elections in the country.

“He will be re-elected for the next term,” FAN reports the words of the psychic.

According to her, the riots and clashes with the police in American cities will gradually stop due to the measures taken by the United States administration.

“Now the situation will come to naught. The reform will take place in the next two weeks. Trump will pass a new law,” Mironova added.

She also stressed that, despite the “powerful split”, the collapse of the United States is not expected. Dissatisfaction with the situation in the American economy can provoke rioters into the second part of the protests.

“There will be a lull, and then clashes will begin again due to financial problems, because of a system that is rotten,” said the psychic.

In addition, Mironova predicted that “the backstage will open with kneeling remorse of white Americans before blacks.” So, it will be “revealed that this is a theatrical production.”

She “saw” problems also in the European Union.

“There will be problems in Paris, there will be clashes with migrants,” she said. Among other things, the protests will also affect London, although they will not be as large-scale.

Earlier, the VZGLYAD newspaper discussed how the pandemic interfered in the course of the presidential campaign and why it became a trigger that launched irreparable consequences and threatened to undermine all economic growth, which Trump was going to use as a basis for his re-election.

Recall that the American media have already announced Trump’s fear of the possibility of disrupting his re-election due to a second outbreak of a new coronavirus, which, as experts expect, may occur in the fall.

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