Prediction of the strongest psychics for 2019

In our fast-paced age, when you do not know what to expect from tomorrow, more and more people are turning to astrologers. Their predictions help to understand what to prepare for so that the coming day with its surprises and secrets does not take you by surprise.

After all, it was not in vain that wise people said: aware means armed. There are many astrologers and soothsayers who, taking advantage of people’s desire to know at least something about the future, having no gift or knowledge in this area, are engaged in deceit. They provide false information and mislead people. In the article, we have collected predictions for 2019 only from famous clairvoyants: Nostradamus, Vanga, Matrona of Moscow, Abel, Vera Lyon. Their prophecies have been tested by time, many of them have already come true and stirred up minds with their accuracy.

General predictions for 2019

Many are wondering what will happen to our planet in the near future, will the end of the world come? Some are sure that the Apocalypse will happen in 2019. However, astrologers do not predict such an event, but, unfortunately, they do not reassure with rosy prophecies. Something will be happening on earth that makes you shudder: floods, tsunamis, fires, tornadoes, landslides, earthquakes and other natural phenomena. That for which people have lived and worked all their lives will be erased from the earth. Cataclysms will make many think that the main things in this life are not material values.

Vanga’s prophecies

There is probably no such person who has never heard of the Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga. Her prophecies are being fulfilled with amazing accuracy and baffle many learned people.

After all, the woman was completely illiterate, and besides, she was also blind. She could not know the terms and concepts she was talking about. Vanga’s predictions about Russia inspire enthusiasm, she always spoke well of the country. As the clairvoyant promises, in 2019 the Russian Federation will slowly emerge from the crisis and in the future will become a prosperous state. She will be an example for many countries, and they will want to maintain friendly relations with her. The well-being of the people will significantly increase in 2019. Energy prices will rise even more, and the country’s economy will greatly benefit from this.

Russia will also surprise the whole world with new inventions and discoveries in the field of science and culture. Regarding other states, the seer’s predictions are not so joyful. The foundations of society will be destroyed by the economic crisis and the decline of spirituality. The old methods of management will collapse. Natural disasters will also bring a lot of losses.

Predictions of Nostradamus

The most popular seer is Michel Nostradamus, his prophecies are fulfilled with enviable accuracy. However, not all predictions could be unraveled; disputes are still taking place over some. Nostradamus was not very verbose about the Russian Federation. But there are several divinations in which he recalled the country. According to him, Russia will assume the role of an international arbiter, and the fate of some countries will depend on its word.

The soothsayer also spoke about the beginning of an unusual war that would cover the whole world, according to the concepts of some interpreters, this would be an information battle. Many people are also surprised by the words of the seer that the world center will be moved to the territory of Siberia. Now the northern regions cannot boast of either political or economic development, and at this time it is rather difficult to believe in such a prediction. For the entire planet, Nostradamus foreshadowed frequent natural disasters: flood, drought, earthquakes. The earth will no longer tolerate bullying and will rebel. At the beginning of the year, a strong hurricane will pass through almost the entire territory of America, demolishing everything in its path. There are prophecies that concern an uncertain future. Some even look like passages from the fantasy world. He also described the beginning of the Third World War.

After that, a conflict will begin in the eastern countries, because of which hundreds of thousands of people will die. Then one of the countries will resort to chemical weapons, and the population of the Earth after the attack will be reduced by 30%. Those who survive will move north and call it the Promised Land. People will begin to explore even the bottom of the oceans and build entire cities on it.

Prophetic words of the Matrona of Moscow

Many predictions of the soothsayer, who was officially canonized as saints, have already come true. For the future, she predicted a warless confrontation, from which all life on earth could die. The saint also foretold that due to economic instability, people would develop a craving for the land, more and more people would move to the countryside, breed domestic animals and sow fields. But a time will come when, due to a great famine, people will eat the earth in the truest sense of the word.

Abel’s portents

Elder Abel is known for predicting events for several centuries, and when the time came, they were fulfilled with accuracy. For example, he told in advance about the death of Russian emperors, the Red Terror and the Bolshevik Revolution. Russia, according to the elder, will soon be headed by a wise ruler who will turn it into a great and invincible state.

Prophecy of Faith Lyon

The Kazakh clairvoyant and healer also spoke about natural disasters: Germany would be covered by a veil of snow, and then a series of strong earthquakes would take place. In Italy, a dormant volcano will come into activity and flood the Vatican. The Philippine and Japanese islands will be completely submerged.

New changes will befall Europe – many countries will want to leave the European Union and NATO, after which a wave of unrest and terrorist attacks will follow. Residents of Europe will be forced to leave their native lands and look for more peaceful places. The Catholic faith will rapidly lose its followers, and soon it will cease to exist altogether. Among other things, people will fall ill with new unknown diseases for which no cure is yet available. To believe in these predictions or not is up to each of us, but in any case it is better to be mentally prepared for any event.

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