Prophecies of Elder Tavrion about the Russian people and rulers

“ Remember your leaders who preached to you about God, despite the end of their lives. Imitate their faith ” Gospel source, Heb.13.7

Tavrion was born into the family of the treasurer of the city government on August 10, 1898 and was the sixth child in the family. From the age of eight, the boy served in the Church and was interested in God and His teachings.

After the First World War, he returned to the Glinskaya hermitage, where he worked as an icon painter before being drafted into the army, and was tonsured a monk. Tavrion survived both arrests and camps, but did not betray the faith and remained devoted to Christ until the end of his life.

Since March 1957, he was the rector of the Glinsk Hermitage, and later was appointed confessor of the Transfiguration Hermitage.

He spoke quietly and often with sorrow: “Speak while it is being said, because the time will soon come when you will be afraid of everything. There will be an imperceptible decline in spirituality among the people, and people will not find words to communicate with each other.”

Isn’t that what we’re seeing now? Gathering at the family table, relatives no longer have those conversations, but with their noses on the phone, they quickly eat food and leave for different rooms. Only old people are capable of long spiritual dialogues with the memories of the past, then everything was different.

“ People to whom God will reveal the truth will try to convince others of this, but will not be heard. They will want to read the scripture, but if they repeat it even 100 times, they will not see the point.

The enemy will be selenium, but he is powerless against the Christian world. There will be a lot of meanness and lies in the world, a struggle for money and wealth, which will entail troubles. Only those who believe in Jesus Christ will survive.

Everything around will be sold, and have its monetary value. Money in large quantities will pass through the hands of people, but it will not be possible to save even a penny .”

At the moment, indeed, everything is for sale, we even pay for air. Here I mean various kinds of information services (seminars, consultations, etc.). At the expense of savings, we already see that few people succeed in saving.

“ A ruler will come to power who will carry out a reform with documents and money. People will hand over old documents and receive new ones, thanks to which they will be able to save money, and without them they will not be able to earn money. A system will be created that will involve a large number of people to receive money and then lose it. The enemy will be strong and draw people in to receive the mark of the beast .”

Doesn’t this remind you of our new document flow and cashless payment cards, as well as the country’s credit system?

“ Before the coming of the Antichrist, there will be great signs in densely populated cities. Some of them will go underground, others will be washed away with water. Holy people will come out with a sermon and remember the prophecies. Some will be able to reach the hearts, while others will speak in vain.

There will be changes in the Church service, the Sacraments will be simplified and shortened in time.

Churches that will pray for the authorities will be contrary to God and there will be no grace in them. Many people will lose faith in the Resurrection of Christ and in the fact that He even existed. People will say that the elders told them nonsense, and they will scoff at these words .”

As you can see, many of the predictions of Elder Tavrion are already coming true. Maybe you should think about the purity of your own thoughts and the observance of the Commandments of God?

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