Vanga’s predictions for the 21st century (3 photos)

During her long life, the soothsayer Vanga predicted many events, some of which happened only after her death. At one time, she pointed to the date of Stalin’s death, for which she was even imprisoned, predicted the death of Princess Diana and the collapse of the twin towers in America. Her further predictions are written literally over the years, but it is extremely difficult to interpret them, Vanga always expressed herself rather vaguely and often, it is possible to understand the meaning of the prediction only after a fait accompli of history.

For example, in 2016, Vanga predicted a cold and empty Europe after the use of chemical weapons in the fight of Europeans against Muslims. However, nothing of the kind happened, but it is possible that the clairvoyant spoke of some kind of spiritual emptiness that now exists in Europe.

In 2018, China will become the world leader and dominate the world, those who have been in the shadows for many years will develop and take the lead. Russia in Vanga’s prophecies has always occupied equal positions with China and India.

Vanga's predictions for the 21st century (3 photos)

In 2024 there will be minor orbital changes of the planet, this is starting to happen now. According to the clairvoyant, by 2028 a new source of energy will be opened, with the help of which the state that opens it will be able to raise human civilization to a new level of development. By the thirties of the twenty-first century, the ocean level will rise sharply, and Vanga herself did not specify whether this would lead to world disasters and threaten with sudden flooding or would be done gradually, without claiming human peace.

Vanga's predictions for the 21st century (3 photos)

One of Vanga’s most anticipated prophecies is the prediction that medicine will make a qualitative leap by the middle of the twenty-first century, people will learn to grow organs using cloning and cell division. That is, instead of damaged or diseased organs, new ones will be grown and donor assistance from outside will not be required. It is known that experiments are already being carried out in this area and, who knows, maybe Vanga saw everything correctly. In addition to growing new organs, people will invent new types of equipment and weapons.

But the soothsayer in the distant future also saw a certain threat to humanity – a disease from which a person will grow old in three days, but after many years of torment, a vaccine against this disease will be found and humanity will survive.

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