The Supreme Shaman of Russia about 2020

Tuva is one of several Russian regions where the new year comes twice. In 2020, Shagaa will be celebrated in the republic on the night of February 23-24.

But there is another version of when you need to meet the year of the Mouse. The supreme shaman of Russia and Tuva, Kara-ool Dopchun-ool, told a TMG correspondent that, according to ancient tradition, the Year of the Pig will end on March 21, and the Year of the Mouse (Rat) will begin on March 22. This is the Shagaa of the ancestors of the Tuvan people – the Turks.

As Kara-ool Tyulyushevich said, the ending year of the Pig is one of the soft years. A lot of snow should fall in the mountains and taiga. In Tuva, this year is generally going well. There was a good harvest, a lot of grass for livestock, the autumn was warm. The forecast for the next year of the Mouse is also favorable, with one exception.

“The only thing the Mouse is afraid of is water. Therefore, next year may be dangerous with floods. Snow that has fallen at the sources of rivers in the mountains (Todzha, Kungurtug) will melt and this may lead to floods. But in general, the Year of the Mouse is favorable for people.

In 2020, people born in the year of the Mouse will complete the 12-year life cycle and start a new one. These people need to turn to shamans to remove everything bad and call on the forces of Heaven – Denger for help. The coming year is the year of the White Metal Mouse. Therefore, each person needs to find out which element rules for him this year.

According to the shaman, children born in the year of the Mouse, smart and calm in nature, have the gift of foresight. “Why did the Mouse become at the head of the 12-year cycle, ahead of even the Camel? Because he has natural ingenuity. But a person born in the year of the Mouse may seem arrogant outwardly, but in fact it is not. A person born in the year of the Mouse is strictly forbidden to speak and think badly about people. It is necessary to wish others only good, to help people. Only then will these people achieve prosperity and a happy life.

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