Vanga’s tips – simple steps to change your life (6 photos)

Vanga’s advice constantly helped not only her neighbors and relatives, but also many other people from all over the world. Most of them have real scientific justifications and relate, first of all, to the banal worldly wisdom that our ancestors possessed. However, some of her recommendations are not obvious at all and can be an interesting addition that can radically change your life and satisfaction with it.

Vanga’s tips for every day

One of Vanga’s tips for every day is to learn to follow the routine, to rest properly. She warned people against going to bed and waking up late. According to the Bulgarian prophetess, a person should go to bed no later than 22:00, and get up at dawn. Staying awake at night should be avoided, for the day was created for work and the night for rest.

Think before you say something. All words are material, never say what you would not like. With the help of words you can call trouble, but you can also attract happiness if you know how to do it.

Vanga's tips - simple steps to change your life (6 photos)

Another useful tip from Vanga is to teach children to work. People who do not work set a bad example for their descendants. It is necessary from an early age to accustom them to work, to develop a craving for work. Children who do not live with everything ready never leave their parents in old age.

Move more, engage in mental and physical labor. If there is only rest in a person’s life, this leads to diseases that destroy the soul and body. Instead of calling a repairman, try to fix it yourself. Prepare a delicious dinner instead of going to a restaurant. Make a gift with your own hands instead of buying – there are a lot of options.

In any situation, remain human and do not disgrace your kind. You can’t lie, steal or kill. Do not consider yourself higher than someone, only God knows who is who and how much higher is. Know how to listen to other people, respect them and show attention to the interlocutor. Do not rush to judge a person until you understand his situation in its entirety and decide what you would do in his place.

The day should start with a smile, only then it will bring joy. Resentment, fear and anger lead to illness, avoid them, and you will be able to maintain good health until old age. Do a good deed every day, at least one thing for which you have enough time. In old age, you will remember these things and understand that life was not lived in vain. Vanga said a lot about the inadmissibility of revenge and life in evil, even the last words of the fortune teller were devoted to this.

Don’t waste your time. If you want to have time for entertainment, learn to manage your time, and only then will you have it. If you have fun instead of doing business, time will not increase from this.

Another advice from Vanga for good luck and money is to keep the body clean. Dirt is the cause of disease, as well as a disgrace to man. God’s creation is always pure and beautiful, and dirt disgusts him. The shower washes away all experiences, bad mood and negative energy. It’s best to do this before bed. If you don’t have the opportunity to take a shower in the evening, at least wash your feet to get rid of fatigue and everything that has accumulated during the day. But you do not need to wash with too hot water, the water for washing should be at a natural temperature for a person.

If you are given great abilities and opportunities, God will ask more from you than from those who got less. Only perseverance and productivity can justify the expectations of the Almighty, which he places on you. Develop and achieve your goals, directing maximum efforts to this.

In order to protect the house from enemies, the evil eye and damage, as well as other troubles, you can make a simple amulet. To do this, above the front door on the inside of the house, you need to hang a cross made of elder branches.

You can not swear while cooking and be in a bad mood. Negative energy will be absorbed into food and lead to diseases, failures and other bad consequences.

If there is a mirror in a room in which someone has been sick or died for a long time, it is first hung for the duration of the funeral, and then wiped with holy water. Mirrors have memory, and those that were near unpleasant events can negatively affect the lives of people who will use them.

Vanga’s advice on love

Vanga's tips - simple steps to change your life (6 photos)

Vanga’s main advice for every woman who happened to come to the seer for help was to follow the main purpose for a woman. Vanga believed that the main thing was the birth of children and their upbringing. This is what a woman should devote her life to. According to the famous soothsayer, without the desire to have children, there can be no love.

Vanga was famous for her sharp attitude towards the people she was supposed to help, but she could not boast of having sympathy. The seer never refused help, but she could yell at a person who, in her opinion, is doing wrong. Vanga’s adopted daughter remembered a woman who was about to leave for her lover, and then fell ill. The soothsayer shouted at her and told her to return to her family, to her husband and children.

True, whether to follow Vanga’s advice regarding childbearing, family and love is another question. From the biography of Vanga , it is known that her husband died due to alcoholism, and the children in the family of the clairvoyant were adopted. In addition, now is not the Middle Ages, and you can find many interesting activities, in addition to solving everyday difficulties and raising children.

Among all that remains of the great soothsayer, Vanga’s advice for getting married is relevant. For women who could not find or attract a lover, she advised to keep rounded stones and shells at home. Precious stones and minerals also become helpers in finding family happiness if they are smooth to the touch. It is best to bring stones and shells from vacation. You can accept them as a gift only from close people in whom you are sure.

Stones and shells contain the power of the Earth, which is necessary for procreation, and this becomes impossible without relationships and marriage. Therefore, such objects attract love, give happiness in marriage and promise the birth of healthy children. In order for this to work, objects need to be admired more often. It is even better to allocate a shelf specifically for stones and shells. If it is possible to store them on the windowsill, let the moonlight fall on them more often.

The attractiveness of a woman depends on her feminine strength. It can be given by a comb made of natural material – horn, bone, stone or wood. A woman who uses such a comb will not be left alone. You need to store the comb above the bed, hanging it on a linen thread. Every night before going to bed they need to comb. The comb will help both from feeling unwell on critical days, and getting married.

Every woman should have a veil or headscarf. It is not given into the hands of a man, especially if it is a husband – to quarrels in the family and betrayal. It must be made independently from a piece of blue or red fabric – these are the colors of the Virgin, with the cover of which Vanga identified a veil or a women’s scarf. It may have a picture – flowers or birds. But there should not be a single black thread on the cover. The edges are hemmed with bright red thread, you can decorate the scarf with fringe, braid and other decorative elements.

Wrap the icon of the Mother of God in a scarf and keep it among your personal belongings, but not where your underwear is. Icons and candles are placed on a scarf, prayers are read in front of them for family life, prayers to the Virgin, and they communicate with the cover in their own words. The prayer cover shares female power with its owner.

The consecrated church Cahors will help with family quarrels if you drink a little with your spouse . It is added little by little to all the people with whom relations deteriorate. You can serve such wine to enemies, if you have to sit at the same table with them, then they will not be able to harm you.

Great Vanga’s tips for money

Vanga's tips - simple steps to change your life (6 photos)

Vanga’s tips for money, according to rumors, are popular among the rich people of our country. Perhaps this is true, because some of the advice really makes practical sense. Vanga was not only a soothsayer, but also a wise woman.

Money, in her opinion, should be spent, not saved. The clairvoyant often said during her lifetime that you cannot put wealth in a coffin. Money is not a goal, but a means to an end. Avoid senseless storage of money, spend it on new experiences and things you need. The one who saves money will not use it, he will give it to others.

Vanga’s current advice for attracting money is not to put things off until tomorrow and not be lazy. Life severely punishes inactivity and encourages every movement. Hurry on the way to your goal, but do it wisely.

Don’t tell anyone your salary. Do not answer questions about how much you earn, and even more so do not start a conversation about the amount of income. If you can’t get rid of intrusive questions, it’s better to say a smaller amount. It’s not just the possibility of the evil eye or human envy. Even simple curiosity can block the cash flow, and this problem will have to be solved later.

In order to have money in your wallet for a whole year, you need to count money on New Year’s Eve. In this case, the amount must be large and belong to you personally. This must be done every year.

In order to make money in the house, keep some moss or algae under the carpet in any room. This is one of Vanga’s simplest tips for attracting money, because in our time there are algae in almost every refrigerator.

You can’t count money in the evening, and even more so borrow or borrow – they won’t be found. Do all money matters during daylight hours. The best time for money matters is in the morning, before noon.

As for gifts, there are many signs. Many things cannot be given at all. If you are going to give a wallet as a gift, put a bill or at least a coin in it. So you will bring income to a loved one, but you will also start to have money. Empty bags and suitcases also cannot be given, for the same reason. Put something in them, even a free newspaper. They do the same with dishes and any containers, for example, vases. The latter can be given along with flowers, dishes – with refreshments, etc. This should also be done when returning borrowed items.

The most powerful conspiracies for money are made for gold and precious stones. In order to attract money, you can carry a small piece of turquoise or quartz in your wallet.

You can’t leave a knife in bread, it takes money from the one who did it.

Useful tips from Vanga – how to lose weight and stay healthy

Vanga's tips - simple steps to change your life (6 photos)

Herbal teas are a source of strength that will help to tidy up your appearance and improve your health. Study the literature on herbal medicine, replace tea and coffee with healthy herbal preparations. Teas made from forest herbs and plants that grow in your climate are especially good. Bulgaria, according to the healer, is a blessed country in which many useful herbs grow. Bulgarian herbal preparations can be useful for people who do not want to collect plants.

If possible, replace all medicines with herbs. Medications block the path of positive energy that enters the body along with medicinal plants. There are diseases in which medicines cannot be dispensed with, but it is very easy to cure the common cold with herbal preparations. Herbs are useful not only in tea. You can fill the pillow with hops and natural hay, then it will be easier to fall asleep.

The main and most relevant of Vanga’s tips on how to lose weight is the gradual reduction of fat in the diet. You can not overeat, too much food harms the body, overloading the digestive organs. In addition, Vanga knew that in the future products would contain a lot of chemicals, and this is another reason for dietary restrictions.

Meat is needed only by sick and weak people. If you are healthy, you should gradually give up meat dishes. The same goes for dairy products and eggs. The basis of a healthy person’s diet should be vegetables, fruits, cereals, mushrooms, nuts and vegetable fats. This contributes not only to good health, but also to the expansion of consciousness.

At least once a week you need to eat boiled rye or wheat to protect yourself from diseases and not have problems with being overweight. Rye bread is good too. Vanga once said that if she were asked about what to sow in the field, she would advise rye. She considered this culture one of the most useful.

Morning dew has special properties. You can bathe restless children in it, washing with dew will make the girl more attractive without any conspiracies for beauty. Vanga believed that in the early morning, plants release many useful substances, and therefore dew has healing properties. The seer advised to moisten a veil or towel with dew and wrap yourself in it.

If it’s summer outside, you don’t need to forbid children to play where they want to. The advice of the great Vanga – let the children get dirty, earn scratches and bruises. In winter, this will protect them from diseases. An active childhood boosts a person’s immunity. If you have children, it is better to relax in the forest, and not on the sea, it brings more health benefits. Bathing in river water has a good effect on the treatment of insomnia in a child.

Vanga advised using homemade soap and other cosmetics. If you reduce the amount of factory-made household chemicals and cosmetics, you can take good care of your health. But this is not the only reason that worried the seer. She knew that in the future the planet would be heavily polluted, and nature would suffocate due to the large amount of chemicals and fertilizers. Once a month, you can wash in a decoction of the virgin herb – thyme, this improves immunity.

The tree is healthy. If you are sick, wear wooden jewelry. The house should have as many wooden furniture and household items as possible. Wooden rosary will be a good talisman for health. It is useful to walk barefoot on a wooden floor, lie on the boards.

Vanga’s tips for good luck

Vanga's tips - simple steps to change your life (6 photos)

One of Vanga’s good luck tips is to walk barefoot on bare ground more often. So a person restores a connection with the earth, which will give him good luck, fame, health and wealth. This is easy to do in the summer, at least on the beach or in the country. If you live on the first floor, it is better to forget about slippers and walk barefoot around the house.

To gain good luck, you need to wait for the new moon and start rearranging the furniture.

So that good luck does not leave your home, do not leave uneaten pieces of food. This is especially true for bread. If they do appear, don’t throw them away. Give leftovers to animals or birds, you can leave them in a place where they often visit.

If luck has turned its back on you, you can speed up change for the better with the help of salt. Sprinkle a few handfuls on all the window sills in the house. Only when the failures are gone, the salt can be removed and thrown away without touching it with your hands. It is better to bury a bag of salt so that the negative soaked into it does not get to someone else.

In order not to jinx and scare away good luck, talking about something good, knock on wood three times and spit.

The horseshoe is a symbol of good luck and happiness. Every home should have a horseshoe. It is nailed to the front door or above it. Finding a horseshoe is fortunate and good luck. Amulets and talismans in the form of a horseshoe also bring happiness, they are simply a personal talisman, and not a talisman at home. In the last role, the horseshoe drives away evil and does not let enemies into the house, brings wealth. Hanging a horseshoe, according to Vanga, should be in the form of a bowl, with the horns up.

Do not eat or drink from cracked glassware. If you find a dish that is chipped or cracked, throw it away. As the dishes cracked, so life can crack. Luck, health and happiness leave the lives of those who use damaged things. Even if the defect is not too noticeable, it is better to get rid of the container without regret.

In order for the day to go well, first put on the shoes on the right foot, and then on the left. In order not to repel luck, you can’t walk with one shoe on, looking for the second. First, find both shoes, and then put on shoes.

In general, some of the advice of the old Bulgarian clairvoyant may seem more than strange, while others simply do not fit in with the modern way of life, but in general, Vanga advises a lot of useful and well-known things that people sometimes shirk and ignore. At the same time, most of the recommendations relate to trifles, so it is unlikely that anything can prevent you from making such small changes in your life in order to independently verify the unique gift of the seer.

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