What future did the Orthodox elders predict for Russia?

Predicting the future today is the lot of futurologists. As a rule, their “prophecies” are based on the most complex fundamental analysis and the latest information technologies. However, in most cases their “foresights” (forecasts) do not come true.
On the other hand, the prophetic tradition has existed from time immemorial among the ascetics of Orthodoxy. Of course, the holy fathers did not rely on fundamental analysis and the latest achievements in computer science, but only on Faith in the Lord…

“Before the end of time, Russia will merge into one great sea with other Slavic lands and tribes, it will form one sea or that vast universal ocean of the people, about which the Lord God spoke from ancient times through the lips of all the saints: “Terrible and invincible Kingdom of All Russia, pan-Slavic – Gog and Magog before whom all nations will tremble.” And all this is the same as two times two makes four, and certainly, as God is holy, who from ancient times foretold about him and his formidable dominion over the earth. By the combined forces of Russia and other nations, Constantinople and Jerusalem will be filled. When Turkey is divided, almost all of it will remain with Russia … ”

Saint Theophan the Recluse, 1890s

“How many signs the Lord showed over Russia, delivering her from the strongest enemies and subjugating her nations! And yet, evil is growing. Shall we not come to our senses?

The West has punished and will punish us, the Lord, but we are not taken into account. We got stuck in the mud of the western up to our ears, and all is well. There are eyes, but we don’t see, there are ears, but we don’t hear, and we don’t understand with our hearts … Having inhaled this infernal fumes, we are spinning like crazy, not remembering ourselves. If we don’t come to our senses, the Lord will send us foreign teachers to bring us to our senses… It turns out that we, too, are on the path of revolution. These are not empty words, but a deed affirmed by the voice of the Church. Know, Orthodox, that God cannot be mocked.”

Saint Seraphim of Vyritsky, early 20th century

“The time will come when no persecution, but the money and delights of this world will turn people away from God and many more souls will perish than in times of open rebellion. On the one hand, crosses will be erected and domes gilded, and on the other, the kingdom of lies and evil will come. The true Church will always be persecuted, and it will be possible to be saved only by sorrows and illnesses. Persecution will take the most unpredictable and sophisticated character. But the salvation of the world is from Russia.”

 Schieeromonk Aristokliy Athos. 1917-18 years

“Now we are living through the pre-Tichrist time. The judgment of God over the living has begun and there will not be a single country on earth, not a single person who will not be touched by this. It began with Russia, and then further… And Russia will be saved. A lot of suffering, a lot of torment… All of Russia will become a prison, and you have to beg the Lord for forgiveness a lot. Repent of sins and be afraid to commit even the slightest sins, but try to do good, even the smallest. After all, even the wing of a fly has weight, but God has accurate scales. And when the smallest thing outweighs the good on the cup, then God will show His mercy over Russia …

The end will be through China. There will be some unusual explosion, and a miracle of God will appear. And there will be a completely different life on earth, but not for a very long time. The Cross of Christ will shine over the whole world, because our Motherland will be exalted and will be like a beacon in the darkness for everyone.”

 Bishop John of Shanghai, 1938

Shake off the sleep of despondency and laziness, sons of Russia! Behold the glory of her suffering and be cleansed, washed from your sins! Strengthen yourself in the Orthodox faith so that you are worthy to dwell in the habitation of the Lord and to dwell in the holy mountain. Rise, rise, rise, Russia, you who drank the cup of His wrath from the hand of the Lord! When your suffering is over, your righteousness will go with you, and the glory of the Lord will accompany you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the radiance that rises above you. Then lift up your eyes around you and see: behold, your children will come to you from the west, and the north, and the sea, and the east, blessing Christ in you forever!

 Reverend Anatoly of Optina, early 20th century

“There will be a storm. And the Russian ship will be broken. But after all, even on chips and debris, people are saved. And yet, not everyone will die. We must pray, we must all repent and pray fervently… A great miracle of God will be manifested… And all the chips and fragments, by the will of God and His power, will gather and unite, and the ship will be recreated in all its glory and will go its own way, God intended…”

Saint Theophan of Poltava, 1930

“The monarchy, autocratic power will be restored in Russia. The Lord has chosen the future king. This will be a man of fiery faith, a brilliant mind and an iron will. He will first of all restore order in the Orthodox Church, removing all untrue, heretical and lukewarm bishops. And many, very many, with few exceptions, almost all will be eliminated, and new, true, unshakable bishops will take their place… Something that no one expects will happen. Russia will rise from the dead, and the whole world will be surprised. Orthodoxy will be reborn and triumph in it. But the Orthodoxy that was before will no longer be. God Himself will put a strong king on the throne.

 Paisius Svyatogorets, Athos elder. 1990s

“My thought tells me that many events will take place: the Russians will occupy Turkey, Turkey will disappear from the map, because a third of the Turks will become Christians, a third will die in the war and a third will go to Mesopotamia … In Constantinople there will be a great war between Russians and Europeans, and a lot of blood. Greece will not play a leading role in this war, but Constantinople will be given to it. Not because the Russians will be in awe of the Greeks, but because they won’t be able to find a better solution … The Greek army will not have time to get there, as the city will be given to it.”

Joseph, Elder of Athos, Vatopedi Monastery. year 2001

“Now is the beginning of events, difficult military events … The devil will force the Turks to still come here to Greece and begin their actions. And Greece, although it has a government, but as such, in fact, it does not exist, as it were, because it has no power. And the Turks will come here. This will be the moment when Russia, too, will move its forces to push back the Turks. Events will unfold as follows: when Russia goes to the aid of Greece, the Americans and NATO will try to prevent this, so that there is no reunification, a merger of the two Orthodox peoples … There will be a great massacre on the territory of the former Byzantine Empire. Only the dead will be about 600 million people. The Vatican will also actively participate in all this in order to prevent the reunification and the growth of the role of Orthodoxy. But this will result in the complete destruction of the Vatican influence, to the very foundation. This is how the Providence of God will turn… There will be God’s permission to destroy those who sow temptations: pornography, drug addiction, etc. And the Lord will blind their minds so much that they will destroy each other with gluttony. The Lord will allow it on purpose to do a big purge. As for the one who rules the country, he will not last long, and what is happening now will not be long, and then immediately the war. But after this great purge, there will be a revival of Orthodoxy not only in Russia, but throughout the world, a great upsurge of Orthodoxy.” what is happening now will not be long, and then immediately the war. But after this great purge, there will be a revival of Orthodoxy not only in Russia, but throughout the world, a great upsurge of Orthodoxy.” what is happening now will not be long, and then immediately the war. But after this great purge, there will be a revival of Orthodoxy not only in Russia, but throughout the world, a great upsurge of Orthodoxy.”

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