Jean Dixon predicted the end of the world in 2020

Dixon’s most famous foretelling of the future was when she spoke of a Democratic president who would come to power in 1960 but be eliminated by criminals in office. This is exactly what happened – Kennedy was then elected head of state. It is believed that she was also able to predict the death of Martin L. King, the early death of M. Monroe and the Apollo 1 disaster.

One of the predictions that have not yet come true was her words about the end of the world. The English-language publication UNILAD published a separate article that talks about this prophecy. Dixon, in his book, A Call to Glory, mentions that the apocalypse is “coming in 2020”. The reason, according to her, will be the rise of a false prophet, Satan and the Antichrist, who will decide to oppose humanity. It is noteworthy that the book was published in 1970.

Jean Dixon predicted the end of the world in 2020
Dixon also predicted that the US and Russia would team up to defend against China.

Jean Dixon has previously predicted the end of the world. It was supposed to happen in 1962, but nothing happened. However, the proponents of the soothsayer are sure that the prophecy was simply avoided. After all, it was then that the world was on the verge – the confrontation between the USSR and the USA led to the Caribbean crisis.

Despite the fact that many of Dixon’s predictions came true, a separate term “D. Dixon effect” was coined. He describes a situation where people begin to blindly believe in the prophecies of a person, most of which have not previously come true. Among Dixon’s unfulfilled predictions, it is worth noting: the beginning of the Third World War in 1958, the presidency of W. Reuter in 1964 and the first landing on the moon of a man from a Soviet spacecraft.

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