Prophecies about Russia and the world in 2019-2020

Every resident of the Russian Federation wants to hope that in the near future the world will become kinder, wars will end, people will not need anything, but predictions about the Russian Federation and the world are not yet encouraging.

Vanga about 2020

Almost two and a half decades have passed since we said goodbye to the majestic clairvoyant, whose blindness did not at all prevent us from knowing what the population of the earth expects in the future. Only by touching a person, Vanga said what would happen to him next – and ordinary people and influential personalities were in a hurry to touch her gift. In addition, many of her prophecies are written about the fate of the world in general.

Vanga has repeatedly mentioned the confrontation between the inhabitants of Europe and Muslims, if you believe her prophecies, then Europe will become empty and cool. It is also not excluded that chemical and nuclear weapons will be used. Vanga hints at the confrontation between the United States and the Russian Federation and, most likely, we are talking about a large military conflict or a large-scale war. After these events, the whole world will kneel before the majestic country, which is recognized at every point on our planet. This prediction sounds quite ominous, and personally we would not want the ordinary people of the Russian Federation to suffer from military operations, even if the power of Russia is recognized after that. It remains to pin hope that Wang is wrong.

By 2020, Vanga had a special attitude. At one point, she said: “In 2020, someone will come to earth who will change the state of things, who will provide society with hope and establish peace on the entire planet.” What exactly the soothsayer had in mind is not known for certain. If, in accordance with the previous expression, the power of means ends and the population of the earth acquires inexhaustible energy, then one can imagine what chaos this period can be accompanied by. Even wars are possible for this energy, for innovations and, of course, for world leadership.

A woman has never concealed her own good attitude to what happens on the territory of a closely located state – the USSR, and, as a result, the Russian Federation. In 2020, according to Vanga, a completely different source of energy will be opened – extremely cheap.

Thanks to this, new horizons will open before the Russian Federation, and all sanctions will be lifted. We emphasize that the Orthodox Church resolutely rejects all soothsayers, sorcerers and magicians from itself: these people (even if they act according to religious canons) question the omnipotence of God alone, and thereby directing people to bad deeds.

Note! In general, Vanga’s prophecies are still an unsolved phenomenon, as the world’s popular press claims. Fans of Vanga’s gift find new evidence that predictions continue to be realized with indescribable accuracy in the modern world, while skeptics deny this.

Pavel Globa

According to Globa, the Russian Federation will be able to have a huge impact on other states in the future – maybe even unite the world around itself and bring it out of the crisis. After 2020, the astronomer also implies the coming to the leadership of the Russian Federation of a new powerful leader.

Perhaps the most popular advanced astronomer in the Russian Federation can be called Pavel Globa. This man devoted himself to the study of celestial bodies and the study of how their movements affect the actions in the world. Pavel Globa does not outline any major armed confrontations in his own forecasts, but points to the rapidly growing tension in relations between states.

This period, according to him, may precede severe armed clashes that will occur in the more distant future. But 2020 is likely to be a rather relaxed year.

If you believe the forecasts, the United States will remain unchanged after 2020, but will lose its influence and lose its first place in the world. The European Union will have the hardest time – most likely, it will not survive the crisis and will eventually disintegrate, leaving several small communities in its place. It is worth noting that the possibility is extremely high that the European Union will survive only as a formal structure.

Maria Duval

Maria Duval, a clairvoyant and astronomer known to almost everyone, along with other psychics, made her own forecast regarding the fate of the world in the coming years. For the Russian Federation, she predicts the role of an influential country. Duval, whose prophecies constantly came true, saw hard times for the planet in the future – the coming of a severe and very strong crisis in the economy, which would ruin most of the advanced countries. The clairvoyant saw the poverty of states and the decline in living standards in European countries.

Abel’s prophecies

After almost all the troubles, Russia will be able to recover and become majestic again, Abel believed. He also described a ruler who would be able to raise the state. The text of the prediction refers to a man whose name is “predestined three times in Russian history.” Some report that this is Vladimir Putin, in general, and there are objections. Opponents of this interpretation insist that the president is only preparing the state for that same “third Vladimir.” However, it is worth noting that we are talking about versions expressed in various sources, and not about Avdel’s direct prediction. In the writings attributed to Abel, a number of other prophecies are given: the removal of the monarchy in the Russian Federation, both world wars, the civil war in the Russian Federation. Do not forget that almost all scientists call them controversial, questioning the very method of the appearance of riddles to Abel.

Valeria Koltsova

Valeria Koltsova implies that specifically in 2020, the United States is waiting for a large-scale tsunami, as a result of which a large number of people will suffer and a large number of people will be relocated from the coast, and the Russian Federation will provide overwhelming assistance to the American states. In the context of global cataclysms, Russia will be able to take a leading position, which will allow to some extent manage all global areas of cooperation, both financial and political. According to Valeria’s prophecies, the Russian Federation is not waiting for a crisis in the economy, but rather, on the contrary, a well-deserved rise is waiting and guaranteed.

Edgar Cayce

All the prophecies that were made were seen by Edgar as a hypnotic dream, and what is even more surprising is the fact that most of them eventually came true. Edgar did not see any global cataclysms in his own visions, but nevertheless he expressed the idea that 2020 would be able to become decisive specifically for Russia. It is worth noting that the current year will be a turning point, both in the financial and political spheres of the country.

All prophecies already have their own grounds for realization, but whether they are real or not, at the moment it is not clear to anyone, therefore: to believe the predictions or not is a personal matter for each person.

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