Prophecies Jean Dixon

Jean Dixon was born in a family of emigrants from Germany. The talent of foresight was discovered in little Jean very early, and with her statements she shocked the adults. At that time, no one suspected that she would become a great prophet of America.

The meeting with the gypsy turned her little world upside down. The fortuneteller, after looking at the lines on her palms, gave Jean a crystal. At the same time, she said to take care of it and then tell the whole world about what she would see inside the crystal. Since then, the baby has not parted with him.

Her earliest prophecies – the assassination of President Kennedy and the death of Monroe – caused great disbelief. Gradually coming true, they strengthened faith in Dixon’s psychic abilities.

Roosevelt, being president, heard about an unusual girl and in 1944 invited her to his place to find out about his future. Jean, looking at him, said that he had about 6 months left to live, and after the predicted time, the president was gone. The reason for his death was a cerebral hemorrhage.

  • In 1946 Jean had a vision of the division of India in 1947. Until the very evening of the predicted day, the Indian diplomat laughed at the seer, to which she said that the end of the day would show everything. In the morning the world was shaken by the event of the split of India.
  • In 1952, her prediction about the death of President Kennedy appeared. In the church, a vision came to her, indicated by the numbers 1960 on the roof of the White House and young John entered it. Then everything was covered with a cloud and a voice inside said that this was the future president, they would elect him in 1960 and he would be killed. No one believed her, and Jean lived all the years in nervous anticipation of the terrible day she knew about. The impossibility of resisting events greatly oppressed her. After the shots were fired, Jean said that many people were to blame for this and that they would become known, no matter how much they wanted to.
  • In 1966, she talked about the impending crash of the Apollo spacecraft and the death of all the astronauts, which over time also turned out to be true. She called these world-class predictions revelations.

Jean also helped her loved ones avoid unpleasant situations by warning them. These visions she called sensations, and they were meant for one particular person.

The most terrible prediction is her revelation about the coming of the Antichrist to the earth, followed by the youth. His birthday is February 5, 1962 and he now lives in the Middle East. According to Jin, he will have in his hands the most perfect weapon with which the Antichrist will conquer the world. It will be a hitherto unseen tyrant. All people will stand under the shadow of the cross, hear the trembling of the earth and remain in darkness. Only the hand of God can save humanity, but many are skeptical about this and therefore will not be ready for a terrible coming.

Jean passed away on January 26, 1997. Scientists have not yet been able to unravel the phenomenon of the great woman and understand what her secret of foresight was.

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