Julia Wang Predictions for 2020

Julia Wang is, today, one of the most popular domestic clairvoyants. She annually makes her predictions for the coming year. If you are interested in what awaits us in the coming year, read this article to the end, and you will find out everything. With the help of Julia Wang’s prediction, you can keep yourself out of trouble, as well as what people can expect this leap year.

What can Russia expect?

  • The conflict situation between the US and Asian countries will gain unexpected momentum. Because of it, hostilities may begin between these states, and Russia will have to resolve the whole problem and prevent the outbreak of war. Thanks to this, our country will strengthen its influence abroad.
  • People will have to rethink their lives, find other values ​​and choose the spiritual side. Money will lose its power. Today, people think that the more money, the stronger you are. But it’s not. This year, education and religion will come first.
  • The economy in Russia will improve. The government of the country will issue several laws, thanks to which it will become easier for the people to live.
  • Tensions with China are possible. Due to the fact that the Celestial Empire can take away our native Russian lands from us. For example, the D. Vostok is already being strongly influenced by an Asian country.

What can Ukraine expect?

  • This year will be very difficult for the country, they are waiting for strong shocks. But there will be no new Maidan.
  • The country’s economy is in a severe decline, and it will take more than one or two years to bring it to the proper level.
  • The situation will not change in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
  • The president will solve his problems, and the country will remain without a leader for this time.

What can the world expect?

  • A cure for cancer will be found in Europe.
  • Australia will be hit by earthquakes.
  • India is waiting for progress. Factories and factories will be built, respectively, there will be many jobs, which will reduce the unemployment rate.
  • China will continue to conquer the market for new technologies. Become the leader in sales of mobile gadgets.
  • Japan will be in conflict with the US. But everything can be settled peacefully.
  • Military operations will continue in Syria.
  • South America will be covered by a wave of hurricanes.

These are the predictions made by Julia Vanga.

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