Is the coronavirus just the beginning? Prophecies about epidemics

Helena Roerich a hundred years ago predicted a lot that should happen to us in the 21st century. And we see how they gradually begin to unfold.

Vanga, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce said the same thing – the world will change beyond recognition. These were the greatest prophets, whose predictions come true one after another for many years in a row. It is the turn of our generation. I have been talking about this for more than 10 years, but only now, when it is already difficult to refute the facts, people begin to agree with me.

It is pointless to turn a blind eye to the prophecies. It is better to learn more about them and prepare as much as possible. Yes, leaving the comfort zone of the familiar world is difficult. In your mind, overcome the fear of change. Hiding your head in the sand is also not an option.

The world as we knew it will no longer exist.

Helena Roerich said that epidemics like the coronavirus would gather their deadly harvest for seven years.

“Where are the inexplicable epidemics that dry up the lungs, larynx and heart? On top of all the reasons, there is something else that doctors have not foreseen. Not living conditions, but something from the outside mows down the crowds.

And then natural disasters will begin, which will finally change our world. According to Elena Ivanovna’s estimates, 2/3 of mankind will perish.

Therefore, you need to understand what to do and how to avoid this fate for you and your loved ones. The prophecies of Helena Roerich are valuable because they not only describe all the symptoms of the coming changes, but also contain clear recommendations for preparing for this. Elena Ivanovna’s tips can help more people survive.

Here is one of Helena Roerich’s predictions:⠀

“Pneumonic plague, in its special forms, is a very revealing fiery disease. More than once she visited the Earth, preparing the consciousness for the possibility of disaster. The kinds of strange coughs that you have heard about are also close to this disease. Everywhere it is both on children and adults, and even on animals. But people are unwilling to recognize this preparatory form of a terrible calamity. They will superficially attribute it to a variety of diseases, just not to think about something unusual.

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