The prophecies of Saint Columbus began to come true

Saint Columba was a famous Irish saint and seer who lived between AD 521 and 597.

The following are the prophecies of St. Columbus that seem to point to our present day and age:

1. “Listen until I tell you what will happen in the last centuries of the world. There will be great slaughter, justice will be offended, there will be much evil, there will be great suffering, and many unjust laws will be introduced.”

2. “They will rob the property of the church, people will constantly mock each other. No people of Adam’s race will keep justice or covenant; they will become cruel and capricious, and be deprived of piety. The clergy will become an educator, as a result of the news of misfortunes.

3. “Judges will rule injustice under the sanction of powerful, outrageous kings; ordinary people will accept false principles. Oh, how sad their situation will be!”

4. “The elderly will mourn in deep sorrow because of the sad times that will prevail. Cemeteries will turn red because of the wrath that will follow the sinners. Wars and strife must be in the depths of every family.”

5. “Excellent people will be plunged into poverty, people will become inhospitable to their guests, the voice of a parasite will be more pleasant to them than the melody of a harp touched by a sage’s finger.”

6. “Due to the ubiquity of sinful practices, humility will not bear fruit. Professors of science should not be rewarded, friendliness should not characterize people; prosperity and hospitality should not be there, but poverty will take their place. The churches will be held in captivity by the almighty people of that time.”

7. “Older people will be quick-tempered; the root is seldom productive, as in the old days; lords become assassins. Young people will fall in strength, they will despise those who have gray hair (old people); there will be no standard by which morality can be regulated.”

8. “Inclement weather and famine will come, and the fish will leave the rivers. People will be oppressed due to lack of food. Terrible storms and hurricanes will hit them. Countless diseases will prevail.”

Interestingly, this prophet describes that fisheries are declining in the last days, which is a serious reality as fish stocks continue to dwindle.

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