What awaits mankind in the future

(The faint of heart and impressionable are forbidden to read.)

What used to be fantasy is now reality. And then it will be even more interesting. Movies have outlived their time. Life has become cooler than any blockbuster and scarier than any horror movie.

People are being created a special ideological environment in which they will be sure that they can and should live only this way and nothing else. This is mind control. Nothing new.

Man has long narrowed his horizons. There is me, family, apartment, cottage, work and south. Yes, there are still lovers. There is food today. An interesting movie or book. Fashion. Everything else is of little interest to a person. His narrow little world is the truth. Everything else is nonsense and lies.

A person tends to achronate today, i.e. to consider and feel contemporaneity as eternally given. History for him is only an abstraction, a fascinating tale of intrigue and war. You can read before bed. For example, today’s children cannot believe that there were no cellular and gaming computers in the 90s. They don’t know what uknts and dandy are. They are sure that smartphones and computers have always been around.

In short, the person is controlled. It is not a shame to admit it, but human society is a herd. The shepherd drove the flock to the water and it received a blessing. They threw the herbs into the feeder, and again good. At the same time, important problems are often solved in the herd: who will get which female or who will be the first to run to the trough with stew. Nobody knows the truth about the end of life. Or maybe they know, they just resign themselves, they say, there’s nothing to be done. It’s not about that.

It’s about making the management perfect. Information and digital technologies serve this well. Yesterday there were no cell phones, today there is a quantum computer. Yesterday they paid with paper money, today biometrics is required. And tomorrow there will be a chip.

Really. Why carry wallets, wallets, folders, policies, cards, passports, and so on. Everything can fit in one small bottle. A little man was born, he immediately got an injection, and that’s it. And then the accumulation of information. This is how all of humanity will be chipped. A single database will be created, and most likely has already been created, which will be managed by His Majesty artificial intelligence. It will not work for a human.

How will it work? Stole-got a feeling of physical pain. If you want to eat, same thing. If you want someone else’s wife, get more …

This is how a new ideal humanity will be brought up. Everyone will be equal before God AI (artificial intelligence). Wars will stop, enmity, murders and rapes will disappear. Crime will disappear. Everything will be under control. The long-awaited paradise will come on earth.

At the same time, biotechnology will finally give a person eternal life. Most likely not for everyone. Otherwise, the Earth will overflow and resources will run out.

Zombie people will live in this electronic paradise. They will all be great. Otherwise it can not be.

Scientific progress will do everything to make a person believe that there is no God and no soul. Then he will freely and joyfully become a member of the new paradise. After all, the main thing is how he lives on earth …

Everything is fine, of course, if not for one BUT!

All this has been known for two thousand years and is written in the Revelation of John the Theologian, or, in other words, the Apocalypse.

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