Tula elder Christopher predicted the future of Russia

Father Christopher, in the world Yevgeny Leonidovich Nikolsky, was born into a pious large family of Archpriest Leonid Vasilyevich and his mother Claudia Simeonovna. From childhood, Eugene fell in love with the temple, willingly helped his father during worship. But he could not continue the family tradition in his youth, returning to this at a conscious age. Batiushka was not only a confessor and an elder, but a seer and a prophet. In the last years of his life, he predicted the future of Russia and the whole world.

“The elders pray very much that there will be a war, and after the war there will be famine. And if there is no war, it will be bad, everyone will die. The war will not be long, but still many will be saved, and if not, then no one will be saved, ”people close to him quote him as saying.

He also spoke about diseases affecting people: “In recent times, people will get sick a lot, but do not despair, this will be for the purification of your souls (…). We must have a supply of water and crackers for ten days, and it will be such that it will not even be possible to leave the house.

To be saved, according to the elder, will be able to those who return to simple labor.

“Buy a house with land. Relatives, do not leave, but unite, buy together (…). Buy houses in the village, even a dugout. God’s blessing is on it. Buy and immediately dig a well so that you have your own water.

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