Prophecies of Tavrion of Batozsky about electronic Masonic passports, about assigning numbers to people

A little later, Tikhon moved to Moscow, and then ended up in other cities. After 7 years of service, he was awarded the rank of archimandrite. After this event, he had hard times. A series of arrests also did not bypass Tikhon Danilovich.

Nevertheless, he devoted his whole life to the service of God. He left behind many prophecies and instructions.

What did Tikhon Danilovich warn people about who would live after him:

  • Soon Masons will introduce new passports and assign numbers to people, which will be entered into the electronic database.
  • Without a (Masonic) passport, a person will not be hired and will not be able to be treated.
  • Goods will rise in price very quickly and very often.
  • Soon there will be famine, both food and spiritual.
  • New persecutions of Christians will begin, after which the war will begin.
  • All people will fall into a “big powerful computing device” (perhaps he meant a computer).
  • He also said that America would soon disappear (perhaps it would be flooded). She would bark, like her like-minded people, but she would not be able to bite.
  • China will pass through the territory of Russia to the Urals without a war and will remain there for a long time.

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