Amazing prophecies of E. Gayduchka – “a guest from the 23rd century”

Gaiduchok Yevgeny Iosifovich is one of the most mysterious and controversial personalities. His predictions did not always come true, but they always attracted attention thanks to their creator himself. Until now, it is not completely known what “travel in time loops” is: fiction, reality or science fiction?

Gaiduchka’s whole life was shrouded in secrets. Even now they have not diminished. Eugene, while still in his teens, declared that he was a messenger from the future. The soothsayer claimed that he had fallen into the past and had not yet found a way to get out of it.

Gaiduchok said that he came from the 23rd century. At the same time, Evgeny believed that the Soviet people would not even be able to imagine everything that awaits the world in the future.

Gaiduchok talked about how he traveled in a time machine with his girlfriend. At the same time, she was able to go back to the future, and the predictor remained in the “past”.

Many contemporaries called Gaiduchka a clairvoyant, but he himself denied this. Eugene only said that he only remembers some moments from the future.


Gaiduchka’s predictions include the conflict in the Chechen Republic, events in Georgia, the collapse of the USSR, and much more. At the same time, few people believed the words of Eugene. This was especially true of the situation with the Soviet Union.

Gaiduchka’s prediction about the conquest of space seemed no less strange to the world. Once Eugene shared his thoughts on this matter with his daughter. The Prophet said that a time would come when people would be able to fly into space. Svetlana did not believe this, although she did not tell her father the truth.

Gaiduchok claimed that his favorite story is The Wizard of Oz. It is noteworthy that at the time of this statement, the book had not yet been written.

In addition, Gaiduchok was able to see and tell about the emergence of the Internet. Eugene wrote a poem about this.

Gaiduchok was far-sighted and accurate in his predictions. Almost everything that he described came true over time. His gift was noticed by many, but it often seemed to them that the usual coincidence was to blame.

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