Vanga: Prediction about Georgia? I do not see such a country in the future …

The Internet shuddered, remembering the famous soothsayer writes UFO WORLD online magazine.

The catastrophe will start from a small country

Vanga predicted that the Third World War would begin in 2008, bloggers are panicking. They assure that such a gloomy prophecy definitely exists. Naturally, they associate it with Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia, with an inadequate American reaction, with accusations against Russia. And they fear that this is what the soothsayer had in mind.

Indeed, among the available revelations of Vanga, one can find one that refers to 2008. But in all sources it reads: “Attempts on 4 heads of government. Conflict in Hindustan. This will be one of the causes of World War III.” (quoted verbatim).

It is to this prophecy that they now refer, not at all embarrassed by the word “Hindostan”. Interpreters attribute it to a grandmother’s mistake – they say, they confused it with Georgia. Or with South Ossetia. Someone gives a different account, which does not mention the “conflict in Hindustan”, but “the conflict in a small country.” What is even closer to the topic is that Georgia is indeed a small country. A little more than South Ossetia.

The feat of the Polish pilot

However, the mystics were taken aback when the news reported that four presidents of Lithuania, Poland, the country and Estonia were going to Tbilisi by plane to visit the militant Saakashvili. And they set off. To meet fate – that is, Vanga’s prophecy.

But the pilot of the Polish Air Force intervened, flying the liner with the leaders. He refused to fly straight to Tbilisi, where, in his opinion, it would be easy to get a stray missile into the body. It doesn’t matter which one – even Georgian. By the way, “small countries”, as you know, are capable of this. The Ukrainians, for example, have already shot down one civilian plane flying from Israel. It seems to be by mistake. During the exercises.

In short, the pilot flew to Azerbaijan out of sin. Sat there. And from there the presidents went by car to Tbilisi.

The unanimous opinion in numerous forums: the Pole knew about the gloomy prophecy. And prevented its execution.

It turns out that the pilot accomplished the feat? Saved the world? And now there will be no war? After all, if one part of the prediction did not come true, then it is not reasonable to count on the other.

The end of the world is scheduled for 5079

It’s just too early to calm down. Vaga does not order. Even in the widely circulated “list” from which the prophecy for 2008 is taken, World War III is scheduled for November 2010. Its end for October 2014 is somewhere after the Olympics in Sochi. The following are all the milestones in the history of the planet up to 5079, when the end of the world will happen. But by this time, earthlings will have already moved to another galaxy, having survived the Fourth World War from 3805 to 3815.

By the way, in 2183, a colony on Mars will demand independence from Earth, becoming a nuclear power. And in 3001 there will be war. But earlier – in 2221 – earthlings will come into close contact with aliens.

The “list” is full of all kinds of rubbish – very entertaining, but contradictory prophecies. And it would make sense to analyze it on one condition: if you know for sure that the “predictions” have at least some relation to Vanga. But there is no such certainty. Moreover, there is an opinion that the “list” is false. Someone embedded in the Internet and attributed to the Bulgarian soothsayer. In this sense, the numerous references to Muslims in the prophecies look very suspicious. Like, by 2011 they will prevail. And by 2043 they will lead Europe to prosperity.

Eyes have but do not see

Seriously, authoritative books about Vanga do not contain any mention of the now quoted “list”.

“Vanga never talked about the end of the world,” writes an associate of the soothsayer Boyka Tsvetkova, who took her shorthand. – Although she did not predict a bright future: “More often you will meet people who have eyes, but do not see, ears have, but do not hear. Brother will go against brother, mothers will abandon their children. Everyone will look for a way to save one by one…” (This prophecy is much more suitable for the current situation around Georgia than all the others – ed.)

Do not fit with the “list” and recognized as reliable prophecies in relation to Russia. For example, this one, written by the Soviet writer Valentin Sidorov in 1979: “Everything will melt like ice, only one thing will remain untouched – the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia. Too much has been sacrificed. Nobody can stop Russia. She will sweep everything away from her path and not only survive, but also become the ruler of the world.

And Vanga mentions Georgia. Many say that the first president of this country, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, came to her. Interested in the future. And Vanga answered him that she could not say anything about Georgia. Because he does not see such a country in the future.

Vanga can be trusted

The soothsayer made at least two important prophecies that make one believe that the gift of foresight exists.

In 1980, she literally said the following: “At the end of the century, in August 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be under water, and the whole world will mourn it.”

What then seemed like complete nonsense, 20 years later, suddenly acquired a terrible meaning. The nuclear submarine “Kursk” – the namesake of the city, which really could not be under water, died.

1989: “Fear, fear! American brothers will fall, pecked by iron birds. The wolves will howl from the bush, and innocent blood will spill like a river.

In September 2001, after an air attack by terrorists on the United States, the skyscrapers of the World Trade Center, which were called “twins” or “brothers”, collapsed. Planes crashed into them – “iron birds” – terrorists. And the bush is here despite the fact that in English this word sounds like Bush. That is, the trouble dates back to the time of his presidency.

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