The prediction of the famous sorcerer from Komi: “… there will be no men left on the planet”

Many have already forgotten about the famous sorcerer named Tuve, who lived in the Komi Republic in the 19th century. However, in January 2020, an event occurred in the village of Nivshera, from which he warned the locals. The sorcerer warned his countrymen: if a new church appears on this land, then there will never be life here. It was built at the beginning of this year.

The prediction of the famous sorcerer from Komi: "... there will be no men left on the planet"
The temple was named after Basil the Great.

Many locals are really scared. Firstly, contemporaries treated the sorcerer with great respect and listened to his words. Secondly, the supernatural abilities of the sorcerer have been repeatedly confirmed. Even the consequences of violating the warning against the construction of the church, some residents have already noticed. The population of the village is steadily declining, and not so long ago, its territories were heavily flooded, which caused a lot of harm to the local economy.

By the way, it is believed that it was Tuve that caused an unusual phenomenon – there are no rats in Troitsk and a couple of nearby villages. According to legend, during the journey, the sorcerer found a rodent in his bag that ate his entire lunch. It was then that he shouted with a curse: “Do not live in these places again!”. And since then, there have been no rats on the nearest lands.

Tuve also left behind many predictions. For example, it is reliably known that the sorcerer talked about the future, describing it as follows: on our lands one can see iron horses, they will do work instead of a person, iron birds will fly across the sky, and the world will be shrouded in a steel web. Obviously, it was about cars, planes and railroads. He also warned of an unusual web that would bring light to every home, and the ability to hear a person’s voice at long distances – electrical networks and telephones.

However, the sorcerer’s alarming predictions are not limited to a warning for his native village. He said that the good would end quickly and be eclipsed by the bad. At one point, people simply destroy each other, even on the threshold of the house it will be impossible to enter and survive. And then “The Third War will be …” (at that time, the sorcerer could not have known about the first two world sorcerers – ed.) . As a result, there will be no men left on the planet, and women will be forced to walk through the forests in the hope of finding at least one and argue whether “these are traces of a bear or a human man …”.

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