Prophecies of the Orthodox Elders about China’s attack on Russia

I don’t want to believe in what the Orthodox seers told us, namely, about the capture of our country by China. But, why are so often the predictions of different people so similar to each other?

You just look not at these lines, their meaning is the same. We need to beware of being close to China.

Seraphim Vyritsky:

“The time is not far off when Russia will literally be torn to pieces. First, it will be divided into separate territories, and then robbed.

From the West everything will be done to destroy Russia. The eastern part of the country will be given to China, and the Far East will be taken over by the Japanese.”

Elder Vessarion:

“An internal coup will happen in Russia, the Chinese will take advantage of the confusion of the people and attack the country and reach the Urals.”

Blessed Nicholas of Urals:

“Practically everyone is afraid of aggression from the West, but the Chinese should be afraid. In severe frosts, they will drive the Russian people out into the streets, and Chinese soldiers will settle in warm houses. Their huge army will reach the Caspian Sea, and Chinese settlers will follow them into the conquered territory. The entire indigenous population will be doomed.”

Schema-Archimandrite Seraphim:

“The biggest and most terrible shock will be the seizure of Siberia by China. There will be no military action here. The Chinese will take advantage of the weakening of power and begin to buy real estate, businesses and land in Russia. This will serve as the reason for the mass migration of the Chinese to Siberia. By bribing corrupt authorities, they will subdue the entire economy of our country. One day our fellow citizens will wake up not in Russia, but in China.”

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