Prophecies of the Indian yogi Heirakhan Babaji about the future of Russia

Heirakhan Babaji was a yogi and revered spiritual guru who lived at the foot of the Himalayas in 1970-1984.

He made many predictions about Russia, and many of his prophecies are quite famous in India. So, he prophesied that Russia should be reborn and become a state with completely new orders and principles that would be based on the true Faith.

Due to its geographical location and history, Russia is not firmly tied to any worldview system. At all times, its inhabitants were influenced by completely different views and ideals.

It’s stressful for people. However, such stress expands the consciousness, and therefore accelerates the improvement of the soul. In this regard, the Russians compare favorably with the rest.

People living on Russian soil, due to these difficulties and trials, receive the most valuable experience.

For this reason, one day Russia will become a place that people from all over the world will begin to aspire to. The main wealth of Russia, according to Babaji, is not material, but spiritual.

According to him, the current era – the apogee of immorality and malice – is coming to an end. The world will be shaken by natural and social disasters that will radically change the face of the planet and lead people to Love and Simplicity.

And the main center of all spiritual changes will be Russia and India, which will endure all catastrophes. The disciple of the prophet, Shri Muniraja, says that it was in the Russian north that the rishis once lived, who wrote down and brought the sacred Vedas to India.

Babaji called Siberia the most sacred and spiritual place in Russia. After all, here, as he believes, the Temple of Hanuman used to stand. And here were the events described in the ancient Indian epic Ramayana.

Also, in his opinion, all events in Russia were predicted. Many descriptions of the future are hidden in the titles. Thus, the Tara and Om rivers are symbols of the feminine and masculine principles that make up a single whole.

The restoration of Russia as a spiritual center will begin with the appearance of people who have a purity of consciousness, like that of Buddha and Christ. These people will lead the rest. The world will become similar to the Divine. However, at the moment these people are hidden.

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