Elder Tavrion predicted Russia to the Chinese… Will it come true?

It turns out that the ministers of the Orthodox Christian Church predicted the future a lot. In general, this was even possible among various archpriests, archimandrites and priests. Few have been successful, unfortunately. But among the elders-prophets stood out Archimandrite Tavrion, in the world Tikhon.

Tavrion could not boast of a happy life and spent most of it in exile and prisons. He was lucky to live under Stalin, and, accordingly, they did not stand on ceremony with church ministers in those days. But he managed to carry through his life an immense love for God, which made him very famous among his colleagues.

At the end of his life, Tavrion wrote a lot of prophecies. And as we now see, many of them turned out to be true.

So he predicted the advent of the computer and the fact that information would be stored on plastic cards.

Elder Tavrion predicted Russia to the Chinese... Will it come true?

He said that there would be a spiritual starvation, which is very strongly felt in our days. New churches will be empty spiritually, many churches will be built for antichrist religions. Grace will be only in the old churches. I don’t know about you, but I very strongly feel the difference in energies in different churches, even equally Orthodox ones, not to mention the various Shopping Centers, which can be safely called “antichrist” creations.

Also, like most prophets, he predicted another war. (I wish it didn’t happen.)

But the most “strange” prophecy is:

China will pass through Russia, but it will pass in no way as a militant people, but as going somewhere to war. Russia will be like a road corridor for China. When they reach the Urals, they will stop and live there for a long time.

But there were not enough Chinese in Russia. There were enough of them, but they weren’t. But the ending of this story in his texts is optimistic. The Chinese will accept Christianity and will be punished by their own brethren for having invaded the territory of Russia.

These are the mysteries that surround us with you … To believe it or not is everyone’s business.

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