Computer calculation predicted the end of the world in 2040

Back in the middle of the last century, when the computing power of computers was ridiculous, scientists from the University of Massachusetts developed a special program called Word One. Initially, the purpose of its application was to create calculations of how exactly the development of high technologies would affect the Earth.

However, the low power of computers did not allow obtaining reliable and detailed results. Therefore, in 1973, scientists decided to use the help of colleagues from Australia. It was there that the most powerful computer in the world was installed. After performing the analysis with the program on it, the scientists did not get the most rosy result.

Word One gave an unequivocal result – 2040 will be the end for humanity. The reason was the general state of ecology and overpopulation of the planet. After some time, scientists, having studied the data obtained, decided to conduct their own study. They came to the conclusion that humanity really will not be able to withstand the existing pace of development. And, if nothing changes, just in time for 2040, there will be a colossal lack of resources.

Many years later, scientists conducted several more studies. According to their results, already from 2020, the life of mankind should deteriorate sharply. Developed states will plunge into stagnation, and the situation will become more complicated every year. The population of the planet should begin to decline sharply, and rather quickly it will drop to the levels of the beginning of the 20th century. The year 2040, like the next few, should be the end for humanity.

Computer calculation predicted the end of the world in 2040

It is noteworthy that the famous astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking, has always spoken in favor of the fact that the end of the world is not far off. However, he was inclined to believe that people still have a few hundred or even millennia before this moment.

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