Prophecies of Rano Nero about Russia and the world

During the renovation of one of the French monasteries, scientists found a very old book (14th century), which is dedicated to the herbs of Tuscany. A little later it turned out that this cover was a kind of hiding place to mislead the inspectors, an old secret manuscript.

On the first page of the book it was written: “Rano Nero. Eternal Book. The real name of the author is Federico Matrelli, and what was written is his pseudonym, which is translated from German as “Black Spider”.

Version number 1. Rano Nero was a monk and lived in the Italian city of Florence in the 14th century, and those who knew him were said to have the gift of a clairvoyant. He was also an intelligent man who had knowledge in several scientific fields.

Version number 2. In the first works of the “Black Spider” were found in Prussia in the 18th century, there is a possibility that he lived in the German city of Munich and was an adviser at the court of the Bavarian duke.

In 1981, the book with predictions was translated into Russian and published in a small pamphlet. But after some time, the entire circulation disappeared and in our time, this literary publication is simply not realistic to find. only excerpts from this book remain.

  • The Nazis from his prophecies learned about the outbreak of hostilities and that they would lose it.
  • The author was wary of a man who came down from the mountains and had smoke coming out of his mouth. This is most likely about Stalin.
  • The black spider, in his predictions for the future, also spoke about wars. “Events like this are full of powerful energy and can be heard through the ages.” He described the most terrible, 7-year-old war as a whirlwind that spreads in all directions and all over the world.
  • A man from Tartaria (the old name for Russia) will fly into the sky in a mirror year and a mirror age. 1961 of the twentieth century. Here I think you don’t need a lot of mind to unravel this prediction that has already happened.

What to expect?

The population of the earth will not be easy. Natural disasters and wars will bring a lot of misfortune and destruction. A lot of countries will be wiped off the face of the earth. But this does not threaten Russia, in these times it will only become more powerful and become a world religious center.

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