Jane Dixon on the End of the World in 2020-2027

Jean or Jane Dixon is one of the most enigmatic US figures of the 20th century. According to her, as a child, she met a gypsy who predicted to her that she would become a world-famous predictor and even handed her a ball in which one could see future events.

Thanks to this ball and her talents, the woman quickly gained fame as a seer and psychic. At one time, she predicted the fate of Kennedy and other important events, thanks to which she became an adviser to such presidents as Nixon and Reagan.

It is worth noting that not all of Jane’s prophecies turned out to be true. The woman predicted that the first country to conquer the moon would be Russia. Soon, as everyone knows, Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the Earth’s satellite, if you do not take into account all theories about the falsification of these events.

What did Jean Dixon warn about? She expected a global world conflict back in the sixties of the last century, but then this was avoided: the world was one step away from unleashing a new war during the Caribbean crisis. According to the American soothsayer, the next global tragedy may already begin in the period from 2020 to 2027. It was in these years, according to Dixon, that the End of the World should begin.

In her predictions, Mrs. Dixon paid quite a lot of attention to Russia. This unites her with such a famous soothsayer as Vanga.

According to Dixon’s prophecies, Russia is the last hope for the whole world. Our country will not suffer much as a result of the global cataclysms that have begun. A new, progressive system will be established in Russia, which will take nothing from capitalism and communism. The new Russia will be the bulwark of the spiritual rebirth of mankind.

There is a well-known mathematical theory that says that even a few correct predictions of seers make them infallible authorities, because of which all their other mistakes remain ignored. Perhaps there is something rational in this thought?

However, it should be noted that, nevertheless, Nostradamus, Vanga and Mrs. Dixon often hit the mark in their prophecies, so it’s up to everyone to believe or not in another Armageddon.

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