What awaits us in 2021 and beyond? Opinions of the world’s four most famous soothsayers.

Nostradamus, spoke about the beginning of the 21st century and its first half, that it will pass quietly under the sign of a general separation and understanding by the peoples of their destiny. There will definitely not be any global cataclysms during this period. Those small conflicts and epidemics that will engulf the world in the first 25 years of the new century will benefit people in developing a new right way of life on the planet.

Vanga , she often said that the strong hand and strength of one person would not allow Russia to slide into the abyss and wither away. As long as there is power in Russia, it will flourish and increase its wealth. Russia is characterized only by a strong government and a long term of government, then no shocks are terrible for her.

Wolf Messing , said that the 21st century will begin with turmoil in some weak countries, but thanks to the strength and help of developed countries, the world will find peace and tranquility. Those countries that have lost their lands unfairly will gain them back, no matter what the cost. And the world will not always be on their side. But the strength and will of the peoples will break through this gap and allow those who were once separated to be reunited.

Edgar Cayce said about the 21st century that a large powerful country will fall at the feet of another great country that has been in the shadows for a long time. This country will absorb the country that has become weak, but will give it the opportunity to exist independently. Already very close to the end of the first thirty of the 21st century, world leadership will be completely changed towards countries that were backward and economically dependent back in the 20th century. People in developed countries are completely degrading and will bring their economy into complete decline, and this will happen under the influence of an incorrectly chosen spiritual path.

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