The researcher claims: Nostradamus predicted the revival of the USSR in 2020 and the conflict with Great Britain

The scientist managed to decipher another prediction of the famous soothsayer Michel Nostradamus. This new prophecy surprised many. Dmitry Zima, an astrologer who devoted his work to deciphering the predictions of the great prophet, voiced his personal interpretation of the prophecies of the French seer for 2020.

According to the interpretation of the scientist, Nostradamus said that 2020 would be the starting point for the “Golden Age”. It is at this time that all borders between different countries will begin to disappear. However, the first countries that will begin the process of unification are the former republics of the Union.

The role of China in all these global processes will not be as high as it might seem now. Despite the impressive pace of social and economic development, China will not play a major political role in the future.

In addition, Zima claims that in the predictions of the French prophet there are clues and hints that the conflict between Russians and Anglo-Saxons will only continue to grow in the world. This conflict will be decisive and will determine which path the development of the whole world will take in the future.

However, as the scientist notes, the role of Europe as a whole in this process will be small, and it will not be able to influence anything. In other words, 2020 will be a decisive year for the entire planet.

Many scientists believe that even now one can feel the growing confrontation between Russia and Great Britain. This is especially felt in the political arena. At the moment, the UK is completely focused on its exit from the European Union, and this is the only thing that is holding back the escalation of the conflict.

The scientist claims that prophecies are needed so that humanity can quickly respond to them and prevent events from developing according to a scenario that is undesirable for everyone.

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