Alien about the future of man

In her last contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, Tatyana dared to ask a question that had tormented her all the time. An alien from the planet of the Wise Men, Omo, as he asked to be called himself, does not like it very much when he is interrupted, let alone asked questions. He believes that he gives only the information that he considers necessary.

He always considered all Tatyana’s questions stupid, since in his opinion humanity stands many steps down from the development of the Omo race.

But this time, apparently, he liked the question and he willingly answered it. “What are we waiting for in the future and how will we live?”

  1. In fifty years everything will change for you earthlings. Having avoided a terrible war that could destroy you and your planet, humanity will flourish in its development.
  2. After contact with one of the civilizations from another Galaxy, you will receive technologies that you never even dreamed of. I can say one thing, your scientists will quickly apply them to human life.
  3. More and more you will climb into space, master the moon. The man-made huge dome on this planet will make it habitable for you. The material that you can mine on the moon will save you from producing fuel on your planet.
  4. Fuel will be needed only for movement in space. People on Earth will move through teleportation. Communication with each other will take place on a mental level. People will put a lot of chips into their bodies for improvement.
  5. The health chip will immediately signal the slightest changes in the human body. The life span of a person will almost double. The mind chip will be implanted in the skull of a person, connecting it to the Library of the Mind, a person in just one night will be able to receive all the information in his brain. But only the information to which he will have access.
  6. At birth, children will show their inclinations to one or another occupation. And everyone, according to their talents, will receive the necessary amount of knowledge. Developing, the child will gain access to more and more knowledge in a certain area.
  7. Gradually, humanity will learn to remove the gene of human propensity to crime. Therefore, violence and enmity will be eradicated.
  8. The exploration of the Moon will stir up humanity so much that many of the leading representatives of the earthly race will move to this planet. Oxygen will be produced in the same place, on the Moon, thanks to planted genetically modified plants. So one tree will absorb carbon dioxide ten times more than now.
  9. Terrestrial food will change beyond recognition, saturation of the body will also be carried out with the help of a chip connected to the general Nutrition Portal.
  10. With the help of new technologies, people will restore and recreate animals wiped off the face of the planet Earth. A single Center of the Earth of Nature will be created, where people will be able to travel, where they will see plants and animals that have been lost for centuries.

However, not everything will go so smoothly for humanity. There will be a threat that people will not be able to cope with on their own ….

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