Vanga’s predictions about the death of the United States (6 photos)

The blind Bulgarian seer Vangelia Geshterova, nee Dmitreeva, spoke a lot in her predictions about the end of the world. But all of her worst predictions directly concerned one country, the United States. It was with this country, with its deeds, and its future, that Vanga connected the coming of the Apocalypse.

And she said that it would hardly be possible to avoid this, since at that time a “black man” would be in power, at the helm of a superpower. Vanga’s predictions about the United States are all the more terrible now, when the world is witnessing the first parts of the prophecy with its own eyes. Everyone is waiting in fear for 2017, knowing that by that time Europe must disappear from the face of the Earth.

Vanga’s prophecy about the “black president” of the United States 

Seventies. The United States is developing rapidly, and is confidently moving towards the title of a superpower. People are beginning to live better, and many countries are beginning to look up to America as a standard of well-being, confidence in the future and stability. But, it was during these years that the most terrible prophecy of Vangelia sounded, and it concerned the inevitable collapse of the United States, which would bring the death of the world, and after 2017, the beginning of a new era.

No one will remember why exactly the Bulgarian clairvoyant was asked questions about this country at that time, and who initiated this conversation. World leaders, observing the development of Europe, and analyzing the history of the past, came to the conclusion that the birth of a strong state will lead to war. After all, power, and even more so the big one, is dizzy, and weak people crumple themselves as the rulers of the world.

The soothsayer confirmed that, yes, America will reach unprecedented heights in its development, but in 2017 there will be no such state. Just at the peak of its glory, the United States will make a terrible mistake that will lead the country to devastation, collapse, and disappearance. But the main thing was not this, but the fact that the death of this state would bring with it a complete change in the world familiar to us. And the “black president” who came to power in this country will be to blame for everything. This was Vanga’s main prediction about the United States, and about the role of this state in the global tragedy and the death of the foundations familiar to contemporaries.

With the advent of the black president, Vanga linked a terrible, disastrous financial crisis in a superpower, and said: “Europe will freeze!”. According to the blind clairvoyant, this will lead to the disintegration of the United States into separate states, the division of the country into southern and western states. No one believed such predictions, especially since people understood the “coming of a black man to power” in their own way – the coming to the “steering wheel” of a man greedy for money and power. Everyone decided that “black” is the definition of the essence, and not just the color.

Vanga's predictions about the death of the United States (6 photos)

With the advent of the black president, Wang linked the financial crisis

Vanga’s words were thought about only after the African-American Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. It would seem that everything, after the election of Obama, the last barrier dividing this country along ethnic lines, collapsed and this marks the beginning of a new era of prosperity, there are no more prejudices, and the state has reached the apogee of morality and equality in everything.

Barak was relatively young, full of energy and the desire to move forward, leading the country to new heights and breakthroughs. But it was not there, because fate made adjustments to Obama’s life plans. It was after the election of Obama that confirmation of the words spoken by the seer began to appear. Predictions about the United States began to rapidly come true.

Europe will freeze! Empty Europe! Cold!” 

The beginning of winter in Europe did not bode well. Everything was familiar, except that the temperature dropped more sharply, at the beginning of winter there were already frosts. But, now the second month of the cold season has come, and Europe has felt climate change especially strongly. Abnormal frosts, snowfalls, heavy precipitation, icing and cold winds in the central states left behind terrible victims and seriously shook stability. The temperature plummeted to minus forty Celsius. And after a heavy snowfall, they were urgently closed:

  • schools;
  • kindergartens;
  • the shops;
  • flights cancelled;
  • travel out of town is prohibited;
  • highways are blocked;
  • the country is paralyzed, almost all traffic is stopped.

The US government is trying its best to stabilize the situation. All forces are thrown into clearing cities of snow, tons of oil are used to heat houses and state institutions, and outwardly it seems that everything seems to be under control. But when the first human victims of frost and snowfall appeared, panic began in the country.

Vanga's predictions about the death of the United States (6 photos)

Winter 2014 was a test for US residents

The population, who believed in the stability and regularity of life, turned out to be unprepared for the elements and its actions. The winter of 2014 was a terrible ordeal for the people of the United States. But not only this crippled the country, there was also the financial side of the issue. And here everything was much more serious and much larger.

US gas shortage and financial disaster predicted by Vanga 

Abnormal cold, a sharp drop in temperatures and work to stabilize the situation required more and more financial investments. Gas, oil, fuel – the basis of life in large cities. And for the period of winter 2014, fuel consumption, and to be precise, it was gas, exceeded the norm in the United States several times. The gas storages are empty.

A serious financial hole formed in the country’s budget, which required immediate filling. And again, the inhabitants of the country were under attack. Not having time to recover from the events of the winter period, people fall into a financial catastrophe created by the government. Tax breaks have expired, and the dues for business activities have risen by two percent or more. And I must say that for private entrepreneurs this is serious sums and serious money. America is a country of trade and manufacturing, tax increases have hit the heart of stability, and Europe has felt the blow especially hard.

Dissatisfaction with the Obama administration, and the next incident has already raised a storm of indignation, Obama’s popularity as president was getting lower and lower. The government failed to adopt and approve the budget for the next year, the future of the country was in jeopardy. The year began with two million employees not receiving their salaries for the first two weeks of December.

It was an unprecedented event in the US. The president’s popularity then plummeted. And disaster is brewing. This is exactly what Vanga was talking about. The US will lose its prestige in the world, and the government will lose the favor of the population. Due to the depletion of natural resources in the United States, not only a financial crisis and a gas shortage will come, but also a water shortage, the disappearance of fresh water.

Vanga's predictions about the death of the United States (6 photos)

African American president heralds the end of great power

And when on the territory of the European Union people work for water, and moisture becomes more expensive than gas, there will be a riot. Ruined Europe, cold due to lack of gas and temperature changes. Empty Europe due to lack of water. Wang said:

“When Europe is empty (vital resources disappear), no one will live there! Empty Europe! Cold!

The 44th president of America, an African American, heralds the end of a great power, the collapse of the European Union, and the United States in its original warehouse will not pass into 2017. And as Vanga said, this fall will cause much more noise than the collapse of the Union. The wreckage of a once great state will crush many small countries and bring terrible losses. We will meet 2017 in a completely different world, with other foundations, canons and other life principles.

“Evil will break out of the ground and everything will disappear! A lot of people will die!” — Vanga on the Yellowstone Volcano 

Vanga did not name the exact date when the most terrible tragedy will befall the United States, the awakening of the Yellowstone volcano. But her prophecy sounded like this: “Evil will break out of the ground (Volcano will wake up)! Europe will burst into flames (volcano spews lava and fire)! Everyone will die! Listen to me, listen!”. Contemporaries interpret this prediction in two ways.

The first assumption concerns the US use of nuclear weapons. Europe will use a nuclear strike on eastern countries, Syria will fall under it. Russia, which is on the side of an independent Syria, will punish the country of the aggressor (the United States of America) with a retaliatory strike. In 2017, there will simply be no such thing as the European Union and Europe.

Vanga's predictions about the death of the United States (6 photos)

Yellowstone volcano awakening

But, there is another explanation for this prophecy: “Evil will break out of the ground!”. This prophecy refers just the same to the awakening of the Yellowstone volcano, which is also predicted for 2017.

Let’s turn to history. And again to the words of Vangelia. On the territory of modern Syria are many world shrines. The first of them is the Belt of the Most Holy Theotokos. When the United States began hostilities in Syria, which went as far as the use of chemical weapons, even hardened skeptics shuddered. People started talking about how the Higher Power would definitely not forgive such behavior, and such a sin would cost thousands of lives. And no matter how the United States tried to deny its involvement in this incident, everyone knew that now we need to expect a big disaster.

It was the punishment from above that the Bulgarian seer mentioned when she spoke about the evil that came from the bowels of the earth. In the bowels of the earth, as you know, lava, it breaks through the volcano to the surface of the earth. Depending on how large the volcano is, its destructive effect will also depend. Recently, the volcano has become increasingly remind of itself. So far, these are only quiet echoes, but no one can guarantee that tomorrow the volcano will not say its word loudly. So loud that humanity will hear it and respond with sobs and death.

“You will live in a terrible time! I pity you!” – Vanga about the USA of our time 

Do not think that the tragedy in the West will not affect the East and the Central territories. All states of the world are interconnected. Do not forget that attracted by deceptive promises, many countries are striving to join the European Union at all costs, such as Ukraine. And the collapse of this power, the European Union will inevitably mean the collapse of states, all states that at that time will be in the warehouse of the Union or will maintain financial, trade, military relations with it. It is also worth considering that, according to Vanga, the war that began in the east will destroy the west by 2017.

Vanga's predictions about the death of the United States (6 photos)

The European Union is a world power

Several decades after the prophecy, we see that at least 20 countries have already become involved in the war in the East under the influence of Obama. This is an avalanche, the same volcano with its lava, which rushes at an incredible speed, involving more and more countries, more and more states. If this action does not stop, by 2017 the whole earth will burst into flames. Vanga said: “In the spring, a war will begin in the East, and there will be World War III! The Apocalypse is coming! Chemical weapons, bad! Europe will be empty, no one will live there!

The United States under Obama’s rule will unleash a terrible war and die from it itself, but along the way this country will destroy many other states. Vangelia argued that the war would begin for resources and end with a war for water: “Water will be scarce, and there will be a war for water! There won’t be much to eat! And there will be a food war! Be that as it may, the volcano will destroy Europe or war, but it is thirst and hunger that are the most terrible human punishment, entailing death, grief, and, as a result, rage, which can only be stopped by death. 2017 predicts terrible trials for us, which not everyone will survive.

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