What Vanga’s predictions for 2020 are deciphered

What are Vanga’s predictions for 2020 deciphered? Vanga’s predictions for 2020 are known only from one of the many sources in which the great soothsayer described in detail what awaits humanity in the coming 2020. It is known that the healer never made predictions “just like that”, usually she had visions after contact with some new, hitherto unmet person. When Vanga took the hand of a stranger, she instantly saw the whole past of a person and all his future. It was in these seconds that Vanga could look into the future and get scant information about this person and about the events that would happen many years later.

After many years of medical practice, Vanga gradually developed a general picture of the world in the future, began to understand what disasters await humanity, what wars we have to go through and who will rule the countries in the 21st century. Thus, eyewitnesses and close people managed to write down her predictions and compile a catalog of her divinations for the entire current century.

By 2020, Vanga had a special relationship. She once said: “It is in 2020 that someone will come to earth who will change the state of things, who will give people hope and establish peace on the whole Earth.” What exactly the soothsayer meant by saying these words remained a mystery. As in many cases, Vanga was in no hurry to give a detailed explanation of her predictions, but she noticed that 2020 promises to be a fateful year for all of humanity. Many years have passed since then, but until now, experts are trying to decipher Vanga’s last predictions for 2020, which she gave almost before her death.

So … What did the researchers manage to get and what predictions did the clairvoyant leave us for 2020? We managed to study many materials related to the predictions of interest to us, we studied the archives and this is what we managed to find:

2020 will be a turning point. Money will disappear, figures will take over their role. Money will no longer be needed, humanity will discover a source of energy that will outshine the Sun in its power.

Vanga gave this prophecy in 1995, not long before her death. This prediction is quite clear in its meaning and indicates that the predictor points to the collapse of the monetary system in 2020, which will be caused by the discovery of some new source of energy, which, due to its availability, has made the monetary system unnecessary in principle. Is this a positive prediction for Russia? It is hard to say! Given the fact that today Russia has one of the largest reserves of hydrocarbons on the planet and replenishes its budget from its sale, this may not be good news at all. If, for example, the Americans invent a new source of cheap energy and make it the property of all mankind, then what will we do with our hydrocarbons, which will no longer be needed by anyone? Good question!

Power will lose its former significance and greatness. Chaos will engulf the earth and only Russia will retain its integrity and statehood.

If, in accordance with the previous statement, the power of money ends and humanity acquires inexhaustible energy, then one can imagine what chaos this period can be accompanied by. Even wars for this energy, for technologies, for new power all over the world are likely. Against this background, the prediction that Russia will remain whole and self-sufficient looks quite positive. It should be noted that it is very difficult to keep a country with such a vast territory from collapsing, but, according to Vanga, Russia will maintain stability in a period of chaos and anarchy and remain an integral, indivisible state.

The second half of 2020 will be marked by a catastrophic religious conflict in Europe that will not subside for several years.

Vanga made this prediction at home, in the family circle, where only people close to her were present, away from reporters and journalists. Relatives say that this foreshadowing especially frightened and worried the prophetess. The old woman had long felt that trouble was coming! Here is what Vanga said regarding the mass resettlement of refugees from Africa and the Middle East to Europe: “Crowds of dissidents will come, presenting themselves as victims, but yesterday’s victims of the war will turn into servants of the devil and Europe will flare up with a fire of religious conflicts.” These words of the clairvoyant can be qualified as a harbinger of the troubles that the policy of France, Germany and other European states will entail in relation to the millions of hungry refugees who flooded the once prosperous Europe. Quite possibly,

Well, we managed to find such Vanga predictions for 2020. Whether they come true or not, time will tell. From experience, we can say that most of the healer’s assumptions came true and we have repeatedly become witnesses of their reliability. However, 2020 is still far away, and the situation in the world is changing at an alarming pace. In any case, you need to hope only for the best.

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