Prophecies of Siberian shamans about the future of Russia

The territory of Siberia has always been inhabited by very wise people, one of which can rightfully be considered shamans. Since ancient times, they had a mystical connection with other worlds and forces and were famous for their accurate predictions.

Stepan Markov, a researcher from Krasnoyarsk, devoted his whole life to analyzing the prophecies of shamans from Siberia, and most recently he summed up his many years of research in this area. The scientist compiled an exact chronological sequence of all the prophecies that he heard from various shamans.

For example, the scientist found out that more than 1,500 different natural disasters and cataclysms will occur in Europe and Asia by 2035. The most terrible event will be some kind of devastating earthquake that will occur in the Kuril Islands in 2024. The earthquake will leave behind huge consequences that will have to be dealt with for a very long time.

In addition, the researcher is convinced that humanity needs to expect the onset of a new ice age, which will begin approximately in 2025. This period will primarily affect Europe and Africa.

As for the human population of these territories, the forecast here is disappointing: it, according to him, will almost completely disappear. By mid-century, the world’s population will decline by 1.5 billion.

This period will last until the middle of the century, and then the climate will sharply become warmer, but this will not bring much joy to people. Severe frosts and cold will be replaced by drought, and then food problems will come.

To believe or not in these prophecies is everyone’s business. For the most part, this is just a compilation of all the known prophecies of shamans, which could either coincide or differ in detail.

Any predictions are most likely not a clear reflection of what will happen, but rather just a warning of what can happen if humanity does not change and does not take any action to change the situation.

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