Juna Davitashvili: biography, predictions about Russia and Donbass

A phenomenon that is difficult to give a scientific explanation – this is how you can characterize the abilities of a truly interesting, original woman. The name of Jun Davitashvili will always be associated with the unknown, with the discovery of new methods of healing the body, with opportunities to look at the world differently.

Who is Juna

A native of a small village in Krasnodar, who became famous for her ability to heal and predict the fate of people and the whole world, which became popular in the late 80s of the last century.

Scientists cannot prove the reasons for the supernatural abilities of the seer Juna Davitashvili. She opened to the world a method of non-contact energy impact on the human body, created a unique healing device, and painted fascinating pictures. She was invited to treat celebrities and politicians, knowing how phenomenal and effective her method was.

The woman’s talents were limitless, and the biography of Juna Davitashvili turned out to be tragic, like that of many great people. A personal tragedy – the death of her son – was a real blow to the healer. She could not survive the pain of loss and reconcile.

For millions, she remains one of the most mysterious soothsayers, whose words turned out to be true. Considering it her duty to selflessly help everyone, the psychic predicted the development of events in the Donbass, Russia.

Juna Davitashvili: biography


Juna’s real name is Evgenia. She was born in mid-July 1949. Her father was an Iranian emigrant, and her mother was a Cossack. Probably, such an unusual combination brought the healer an inner feeling of closeness to Eastern practices, the culture of ancient Assyria, which she repeatedly mentioned.

Juna Davitashvili: biography, predictions about Russia and Donbass

A phenomenal person with amazing abilities.

Later becoming famous, Juna Davitashvili, whose biography is amazing, often recalled her early childhood. With special trepidation, she treated her parents, who raised her character.

Carier start

Juna got married after graduating from the Rostov Medical School, when she left to work in Tbilisi. It was there that she began her healing career.

Her method consisted in a special impact on the human energy field. In those years, they tried not to talk about esotericism. but, having invented the method, Juna did not stop, she continued to actively practice and spread the practice of “laying on of hands”, in which the patient’s body can be cured due to the healer’s biofield. This method has become a truly great discovery, having received recognition at the highest level.

Global changes in the fate of a woman occurred due to a chance meeting at a healing session with a politician close to the party leadership of the country. In the early 80s, when non-traditional medical practice could not be mentioned, Juna was the personal healer of L. I. Brezhnev. Famous personalities turned to her for help, for whom she became a real salvation from troubles. Crowds of people came to her, suffering to touch the phenomenon, to be healed by the energy of space and its strength.


Her career went higher after moving to Moscow. The change of course, the gradual collapse of the USSR, the “perestroika” announced by Gorbachev, lifted the veil of secrets in the field of esotericism for us. The healer became so popular that crowds of fans and those who wanted to touch the study of the method of treatment with hands began to gather at her performances.

She was credited with amazing abilities: with one wave of her hand, make flowers bloom, instantly make medical diagnoses, treat from a photograph at a distance. Until now, for scientists, her abilities remain a mystery. She unselfishly helped the world, tried to make it better, perceiving the world of “energy” in a special way. For our country, this was the first step in discovering ways to influence for medicinal purposes.

One of the parties that does not find explanations is Juna’s predictions about the future. They really do come true. Having left us in 2015, she left us hope for a peaceful existence, warning of the dangers.

Famous predictions of Juna

Predictions about Russia

Before leaving, the psychic left the world her view of the crisis situations that have been developing in the past few years. Her words are slowly coming true. This process is long, but even now one can note the trends that she mentioned Juna.

Predictions about Russia for 2017 from the seer read:

  • the economic crisis will gradually subside; the oligarchs will have to revise the value system;
  • due to sanctions, there will be an unprecedented economic growth of our own production, which we are now witnessing;
  • it will be necessary to reconsider the attitude to nutrition, its role in everyday life, giving preference to natural products grown in environmentally friendly conditions;
  • it is necessary to reconsider the view of animal meat, which is quite natural if you want to maintain health and longevity;
  • one should not strive for wealth, since such behavior destroys;
  • people forgot about the elementary concepts of “value”, they replaced them with a “golden calf”;
  • It will be difficult for Russia to resist the influence of the West, but we can become a power that proves the ability to remain the most humane for the rest of the world.

Crisis states for Juna are the possibility of transition from one state to another. Time to stop, review the world, assess your abilities, prioritize. The economy, which is being rebuilt before our eyes, makes us pay attention to how thin the world is, what a strong impact negative energy has, how quickly everything can be destroyed.

The rest of the world will not have the strength to destroy the Russian state. The sooner material-minded Russians realize that food and wealth are not the main thing, the stronger and more united we will become. Those who resist in the struggle for themselves, their family, relying on traditional Russian values ​​(home, family, respect for elders, attention to the younger ones), will be able to overcome, to endure in the struggle. The weak will quickly “break down”, simply go into oblivion, sink into oblivion.

In relation to the United States, Juna noted that there will be no cataclysms, the war will not unleash, but tension will remain, which is fully explained by the current political orientation of the American government.

Predictions about Donbass

Undoubtedly, the psychic scientist was worried about the ongoing events in Ukraine. She repeatedly mentioned that it hurts her to look at the bloodshed, fraternal wars that destroy the peaceful existence of fraternal peoples. As Juna said, predictions about Donbass are less optimistic than for the Russian Federation. She pointed out that the area would become a platform on which great trials would fall. This drags on for many years, as the conflict has dragged on too long.

The healer has repeatedly spoken about the need for an urgent cessation of actions in relation to the south-west of Ukraine, predicting a difficult fate for the whole country. Now we are witnessing the gradual collapse of the economy, which Juna warned about. It was hard for her to accept the fratricidal war. She saw a way out of the situation, but as a result, the military conflict escalates. There is practically no chance of salvation.

The psychic casually mentioned that Ukraine is part of Russia, it should belong to it, since we are fraternal peoples, we cannot leave our relatives in trouble. While this forecast has not come true, we are seeing how difficult it is for our neighbors. We will observe what is happening and believe that Juna was right in predicting that the inhabitants will withstand all hardships, and the war will stop.

Cause of death of Juna Davitashvili

No one could have imagined that the great psychic, who helped millions to gain health, possessing unimaginable energy power, would leave us so quickly. Those who believed in her talent and abilities were shocked. Many are wondering why this happened? What happened to her? The reason for the death of the great Juna Davitashvili is the banal loss of a relative, which millions of Russian women successfully experience.

Juna’s only son died in 2001, and she could not accept that she was unable to help him. As a result of a strong psychological shock, the healer turned into a recluse, she could not live with the pain of losing an heir. For her, he was part of herself.

Juna has stopped all public appearances. Considering her son a part of herself, after the loss she stopped practicing treatment and did not want to live without him. She did not give interviews, she preferred loneliness, believing that the world would never be the same with the loss of Vaho. So she affectionately called her beloved son.

It was unthinkable for her to bear the loss. In an effort to connect with him at the “highest” level, energetic, spiritual, she prayed for the opportunity to be with him. For her, he was the only one whom she trusted, believed, but could not predict his tragedy.

This was a real blow for her, which every year had to endure more and more difficult. Problems with the cardiovascular system began. Juna Davitashvili: the cause of death was acute angina pectoris, and the cause was a severe stroke, from which she could not get out.

Legacy of the great Juna

Great people leave us a legacy not only memories. The work of the psychic, her speeches, research activities – a memory that gives us the opportunity to touch the secrets. The method of healing invented by her is popular. Thousands of psychics successfully practice the laying on of hands, giving healing to those who suffer.

Juna’s scientific activity is being studied as a phenomenon and is an object for further research in the field of the impact of the energy field on healing.

After leaving, paintings by Juna Davitashvili remained. They are piercing, filled with vivid images, have an incredibly magical power of healing from ailments. It is possible that a museum will be created, periodic exhibitions that reveal all the facets of the seer’s talent. She knew how to sing, compose poems, masterfully mastered prose, showing a penchant for scientific research. It was important for her to help people realize their place and purpose, to learn to perceive the world on a subtle, spiritual level.

Incredible abilities, a completely new view of the world, so unusual for the ordinary – this is what the psychic gave us. A naturally gifted seer gave the world a chance to take a different look at the world, perceive its subtle levels, and think about higher values.

We thank Juna for her strong character, excellent abilities, and new discoveries. Thanks to her work, the world has become a little different, and we believe that everything will be fine and much can be fixed.

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