Vanga’s predictions about Russia – what awaits the country in the future (3 photos)

Vanga’s predictions about Russia tell a lot. The seer made many prophecies about the country, many of which have already come true. Her notes contain information about the fate of famous personalities, politicians and the lives of ordinary people.

Fulfilled prophecies

Throughout her life, Vanga has made many predictions. She loved Russia especially strongly, so she did not leave her without attention in her prophecies.

List of fulfilled prophecies:

  1. Vanga predicted the death of Stalin, for which she was repressed, but released immediately after the prophecy was fulfilled. She said that in the spring a big man would pass away, and people would become kinder.
  2. Vanga predicted the reign of Vladimir Putin. She described in detail how this would happen and how long the Russian president would rule. The seer believed that this person was able to provide the state with a bright future, and its people – a happy and comfortable life.
  3. It was also possible to predict the death of the Kursk submarine. Vanga describes it as a tragedy, the deaths of which will be mourned by many people. The seer believed that this event would open the heart chakra of Russia, help the citizens of the country become more kind, merciful and compassionate.
  4. The prophecy about the collapse of the Soviet Union also came true. The blind seer grieved over this, but she knew that it was impossible to prevent the collapse. However, she believed that communism would return sooner or later. This will happen in the distant future, when people will again begin to honor spiritual values ​​and remember morality.
  5. The Second World War was also predicted by Vanga. Her prophecies describe both the birth of the Fuhrer and his actions against Russia, plans to take over the world and establish the superiority of the Aryan race over the rest. She knew that sooner or later Russia would be able to stop Hitler’s ruthless actions, which happened.
  6. Fun fact: Vanga did not disregard Philip Kirkorov in her predictions, to whom she predicted marriage to Alla Pugacheva, fame and popularity.

Next, we will consider those Vanga predictions that relate to Russia and talk about what will happen in its future.

Prophecies about the near future and the present

Vanga very often mentioned that the consciousness of people and the spiritual sphere of their life will constantly change. First, the crisis will reach its climax: people will forget about spiritual values ​​and morality, lawlessness and licentiousness will reign in the country. But over time, this era will be replaced by another, more favorable one.

Vanga's predictions about Russia - what awaits the country in the future (3 photos)

Currently, according to Vanga’s predictions, many natural disasters and natural disasters are happening in the world. These are difficult, crisis years that nullify people’s faith in a happy future.

But hard times must be overcome. Sooner or later they will sink into oblivion, and a happy period will come in the life of the state and its citizens.

Some prophecies sound fantastic and are unlikely to come true anytime soon. For example:

  1. In the year people will invent flying trains that will feed on the energy of the sun. Of course, scientists are already making attempts to discover new, safe sources of energy, but there is no need to talk about them in the near future.
  2. Vanga also believed that oil production would stop by the year, and “the earth would be able to rest.” But this is unlikely to happen in the near future.
  3. At the same time, people, according to Vanga, should have already learned how to extract minerals not only on their planet, but also on the moon. These minerals will become a fundamentally new source of energy that will replace the usual ones.

Watch a video about Vanga’s predictions that have already come true:

What awaits Russia in the future

Those prophecies that managed to be interpreted came true by 80%. Therefore, the probability of fulfillment of predictions of the distant future of Russia is quite high.

Vanga's predictions about Russia - what awaits the country in the future (3 photos)

What awaits the country according to Vanga in the future:

  1. Putin’s rule will bring the state great glory and world domination. Over time, the country will turn into a superpower that no one will dare to challenge.
  2. There will be a favorable period for the development of enterprises. Businessmen will be able to strengthen their positions in the market by offering products and services that are really useful to people. But all kinds of “scams” and low-quality products will disappear.
  3. Over time, the economic situation of the country will improve. The standard of living of the population will rise, poverty as a phenomenon will disappear. But this can only happen if people begin to devote more time to their spiritual development, stop obsessing over material things.
  4. In 2024, there will be fewer people in Russia. But this will happen not because of the high mortality rate, but because of the mixing of Russians with other nations. The country will become truly multinational. A large influx of emigrants from other states is also likely.
  5. At the same time, the country will unite with India and China and become a powerful superpower. The union will be very beneficial for all parties. This will provoke discontent from the US, but America will not dare to challenge, feeling Russian superiority.
  6. In 2030, Siberia will become the richest and most abundant territory. Perhaps it will become the center of the state. Residents of the capital and other large cities will want to move here.
  7. In 2045, the global crisis will repeat. It will come due to the depletion of natural resources. There will be shortages of oil, water and food. But over time, thanks to the inventions of scientists, the problem will be solved.
  8. In 2060, Russia will reach its peak of prosperity. It will be the most prosperous country in comparison with the rest of the world. We will help poor and needy countries.

According to Vanga, the crisis in Russia is only a temporary phenomenon that needs to be experienced. As a result, the country will turn into a prosperous and rich state, people will live happily and abundantly.

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