Why was Vanga confident in the contact of people and extraterrestrial civilizations and named the year of the meeting?

The talent being held has been discussed for quite some time now. People are lost in guessing whether Vanga really could predict the future. Now I want to talk about what was said about other civilizations.

At the moment, the existence of other intelligent civilizations outside the Earth has not been proven, but this does not mean at all that we are alone in the Universe. Let’s turn to official science to get some information about the number of planets in the boundless space. The exact number of planets is unknown, but there are more than a trillion, which is an irrefutable fact.

The universe is so huge that only our planet cannot be inhabited by living species. We are not unique, this simply cannot be. Of course, in our society there are a huge number of skeptics who consider themselves mega unique, but in my opinion they simply do not want to think logically. This concludes my opinion, hoping that I did not offend anyone with my opinion. Many people want to believe that we are far from the only intelligent civilization that exists in the boundless outer space. Every now and then there are various photographs and videos with unidentified objects that appear on Earth and ufologists assure that aliens have been visiting our planet since ancient times.

The Bulgarian clairvoyant claimed that she managed to communicate on a telepathic level with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization who are on the planet Vamfin at a considerable distance from our planet. They showed her mentally the way of life of their civilization, which is significantly different from ours.

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