Craig Hamilton-Parker’s prophecy for 2020 that is already coming true

At the end of 2019, the famous British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parquet published a forecast for the new year on his official website. At first, no one paid much attention to this forecast, although he sent it to many media outlets.

But in early 2020, his prophecy surfaced and began to circulate online. And what can we see? Everything that Craig predicted is already coming true.

It should be noted that many of his prophecies for 2019 have already come true. For example, he spoke about impeachment of Trump failing, about the appointment of Boris Jones as the new prime minister, and he also predicted the Australian fires and the Hong Kong conflict. In addition, this predictor has long had a good reputation in esoteric circles, thanks to accurate predictions. He does not use vague phrases, but says everything clearly and to the point.

So, what did the seer predict for our world for 2020?

His first prediction, which has already begun to come true, is the conflict in the Middle East. He clearly described that an American aircraft carrier would be scuttled by Iran. This will be the beginning of a major conflict. In America, on this basis, outbreaks of protests and unrest will begin. This will lead to the overthrow of some high-ranking leaders of power.

The seer also claims that during the Middle East conflict, the presidents of America and Russia will find a common ground and sign some very important agreement.

The American president in the course of the elections, will again be re-elected. Hamilton-Parker also predicts that an assassination attempt will be made on Trump, but he will survive, only get injured.

Craig Hamilton-Parker's prophecy for 2020 that is already coming true

Europe is facing an economic recession this year. A bunch of different troubles will fall on it – wars, natural disasters, and by itself this does not add prosperity to the countries of the European Union. This applies to all countries except the UK, which will leave the EU this year.

China is in for a revolution in 2020. The government will be forced to completely change policy and yet come to a more democratic government.

North Korea will still conduct a full-scale nuclear test. The rocket will be launched, but for the Korean people, this will be the last straw of patience. Therefore, Kim Jong-un will flee the country and take refuge in China.

Craig argues that the world is in for big upheavals this year, and not just in the political arena. He says that all this year the Earth will be shaken by earthquakes more than ever. It is for this reason that the Summer Olympic Games will be cancelled.

Due to the strongest earthquakes, one of the islands will be completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption. But Craig does not specify what kind of island it will be.

And, as always, I’m interested in the opinion of my readers. What do you think, which of these predictions can really still come true, what is the seer right about? Or maybe Mr. Hamilton-Parker is talking complete nonsense?

In any case, I wish you peace, a peaceful sky above your head and stability in life. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.????

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