Big Change: The Bible’s most positive prophecy about the outcome of the pandemic (10 photos)

In previous publications, I already “frightened” you with the fact that the first seal of Revelation opened before our eyes: a rider on a white horse and in a crown is riding , whose name is pestilence, a pandemic. And ahead, alas, three more riders, also very harmful. But today I want to talk about the positive: these horsemen are instructed not to destroy this world, but to wake it up . Therefore, after the release of these four horses and their riders, God, who is philanthropic and merciful, promised a Great Change . This is the Big Change we’re talking about today.

In this article, I will not “frighten” you with three subsequent riders. We’ll have time to think about them – they haven’t arrived yet. We are now studying in the class of the first seal, but, alas, we will still have lessons from the second, and from the third, and from the fourth seals. Very serious and difficult lessons – with exams for which you have to be prepared. And I really hope that the Lord will give people – if we pray – a break, a ” school break ” between these lessons. If we pray, He will give. But I want to show you, friends, the biggest and most amazing change that comes right after these four horses – the four hard lessons that humanity is going through.

Big Change: The Bible's most positive prophecy about the outcome of the pandemic (10 photos)

About the breaks between the seals of Revelation

After these four lessons, as in the small village Soviet school where I studied, the long-awaited Big Change is coming! No, it’s not the end of the school day yet: there will be a couple more lessons after the Big Break. But the big change is joy. I confess that at that time I was playing coin shaking with the guys – it seemed to me very fun – and I always had money for a buffet, a delicious school buffet! Pies, meatballs, succulents, sour cream – there is no such thing anymore. But I digress.

So, friends, so in the Bible, as you already understood, at the end of time God gives mankind lesson after lesson, but after the first four horse lessons, and before the last lessons for losers, and the last joyful call home, He has Big Change . God quite specifically prescribed through all, practically, the prophets – about this Great Change, which will take place even before the outpouring of the last bowls of wrath and before the glorious Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Big Change: The Bible's most positive prophecy about the outcome of the pandemic (10 photos)

This Great Change is spelled out in almost all the prophets – some to a greater extent, others to a lesser extent. Someone only mentions it as a suspension and respite, while someone describes in detail all the joys of the Big Change. Even if this change is on the eve of the last Big Thunderstorm.

Prophet Joel and his prophecy

One of the prophets who described this Change in amazing detail is the prophet Joel. I am referring to him today (although I could refer to any of my friends of the prophets) because of his brevity and at the same time, brightness, clarity and expressiveness. Joel is a small book, only 3 chapters. He writes about recent events. Today I will read with you the middle, second chapter – and this, I am sure, will put a lot in place in your soul, give it again the most important thing, without which the soul cannot live – a dream. It will give such a hope and a dream, which the soul seemed to have sensed and waited for before – and did not know it.

We read this short chapter, which is written about our time, our days. I will read with you and in some places briefly and meekly comment:

Big Change: The Bible's most positive prophecy about the outcome of the pandemic (10 photos)

1 Blow the trumpet in Zion and sound the alarm in my holy mountain; let all the inhabitants of the earth tremble, for the day of the Lord is coming, for it is near – the 2nd day of darkness and darkness, a cloudy and foggy day: like the morning dawn, a numerous and strong people spreads over the mountains, such as has not happened since the beginning and after that will not be in generations of generations .

It is about preparing the world for the approaching Day of the Lord, the time of the pouring out of the last seven bowls of wrath. Joel speaks of the Day of the Lord itself in the next, last, third chapter. Here he speaks of the time that precedes the Day of the Lord. And you can easily recognize the time that Joel speaks about: this is the time of the four horsemen, the time of the opening of the seals – that is, what happens “before him”, before this day. Everything is as in the book of Revelation, and as in Daniel – everywhere there is one order, a single course, a series of unfolding events. Joel does not take the horses apart, he presents the picture that all four horses bring together:

Big Change: The Bible's most positive prophecy about the outcome of the pandemic (10 photos)

Horses, Riders and Chariots of Joel

3 A fire devours before him, and a flame burns behind him; in front of him the earth is like the garden of Eden, and behind him there will be a desolated steppe, and no one will be saved from it. 4 His appearance is like that of horses, and they gallop like horsemen ; 5 they gallop over the tops of the mountains, as if with the sound of chariots , as with the crackling of a fiery flame devouring straw, like a strong people lined up for battle.

So they come out at Joel too – like in Zechariah (ch. 6, chariots are also mentioned there), as in Revelation (ch. 6) – riders on four different horses. All together they bring – death, although each rider – in his own special way. The first, white, is pestilence, the second, red, is war, the third, black, is famine, and the fourth, piebald (pale) – all this together .

Crucial moment

Joel gives a picture of pestilence, war and famine, which everyone will know about, which will affect everyone. But all this will not destroy this world – and it is not called to do so. I will skip, for the sake of brevity, a few verses from Joel about the disaster. Read on for how this scourge is stopped:

12 But even now the Lord says, Turn to me with all your heart with fasting, weeping, and mourning. 13 Rip your hearts, not your garments, and turn to the Lord your God; for He is good and merciful, long-suffering and merciful, and pities the calamity. 14 Who knows if He will not take pity and leave blessings , grain offerings and drink offerings to the Lord your God?

This does not mean that medicines are not needed, caution is not needed. On the contrary, they are very much needed. Seals are a danger. And we must not downplay the danger. She is admitted with a purpose. To call the people to national repentance :

15 Sound the trumpet in Zion, appoint a fast, and declare a solemn assembly. 16 Gather together the people, call an assembly, invite the elders, gather the youths and sucklings; let the bridegroom come out of his chamber, and the bride out of her chamber . 17 Between the porch and the altar, let the priests, the servants of the Lord, weep, and say: “ Have mercy, O Lord, on your people; Why will they say among the nations, Where is their God? »

This is yet to be done by us, the Russian people. We could have done this a long time ago, but we didn’t. Let’s do it. I will be completely honest with you, friends: the prophet Joel, speaking of the disaster caused by horses, speaks of the disaster that all four horses carry together – this is pestilence, and war, and famine. It would be nice – and I would so like to tell you about it – that we would, they say, come to our senses after the first rider. How I would like to please myself and you! But, alas, no. Only after all four horsemen have ridden – only then will all the people of God, all people of good will come to their senses, come to repentance, and will not only be pardoned, but blessed beyond all expectations. We read further:

Big Change: The Bible's most positive prophecy about the outcome of the pandemic (10 photos)

The coming of the big change

18 And then the Lord will be jealous for his land, and will spare his people. 19 And the Lord will answer and say to his people, Behold, I will send you bread and wine and oil, and you will be satisfied with them, and I will not give you up to the reproach of the nations. 20 And the one who comes from the north I will remove from you and drive out into a dry and empty land ;

I do not give an exhaustive commentary – time does not allow, and I have said and written many times before. But you probably already understood that even before the onset, according to the Bible, according to the prophet Joel – the Day of the Lord (that is, the punishment of the wicked), God gives people a Great change. Read and believe: this is all for us! Everything is for us!

21 Fear not, earth: rejoice and be glad, for the Lord is great to do this. 22 Do not be afraid, animals, for the pastures of the wilderness will bring forth grass, the tree will bear its fruit, the fig tree and the vine will show their strength. 23 And you children of Zion, rejoice and be glad in the Lord your God; for he will give you rain in measure, and will send down rain on you, early and late rain, as before.

24 And the threshing floor will be filled with bread, and the gutter will overflow with grape juice and oil. 25 And I will repay you for the years that the locust, the worm, the beetle, and the caterpillar have devoured, My great army which I have sent against you . 26 And until you are full you will eat and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has done marvelous things to you, and my people will never be put to shame. 27 And you will know that I am in the midst of Israel, and I am the Lord your God, and there is no other, and my people will never be put to shame.

Big Change: The Bible's most positive prophecy about the outcome of the pandemic (10 photos)

Don’t be embarrassed when you read about Israel, Jerusalem and Zion: in the prophetic language of the Bible, this means the Christian church.

Time of the White Tsar

Again, someone will tell me that this is surely a picture of the coming Kingdom of God. No no! The kingdom of God will be much better. In addition, according to Joel, there is still “the great and terrible Day of the Lord” ahead. But before this Day, with its seven swift bowls, there is an amazing, blessed gap. He is “like bright warmth after the rain, like a cloud of dew during the heat of the harvest .” Isaiah 18:4. 5 This is a blessing on the people who will respond to the opening of the seals and who will allow God to put the seal of salvation on themselves.

It will be a time, not very long, but very joyful and blessed, when the Russian people – prophetic tsars from the dawn of the sun – will finally enter their joy, their promised peace – communism, if you like – with the White Tsar. Although not for a long time. But that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that this short period, this short but blessed time of the service of the White Tsar – this mighty prophet Elijah, the Forerunner, who is to come – people will find God, find peace, find happiness and be ready for the coming Day of the Lord on the world and immediately after after him – the coming, the onset of the Kingdom of God.

Big Change: The Bible's most positive prophecy about the outcome of the pandemic (10 photos)

But the most important thing that we know about this Great Change is not even that this is a time of peace and satiety and joy. The most important thing that becomes possible at this time is the real closeness of people and God. Sealed by the Holy Spirit:

28 And it shall come to pass after this that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy; your old men will dream, and your young men will see visions. 29 And also on the servants and on the maidservants in those days I will pour out my Spirit.

Here it is – that amazing, main event of history, which is yet to come: the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on humanity . How many amazing and good things we have ahead of us, in our generation. Don’t hang your nose! I think and pray about it too much to tell you something here in a few lines. It’s better to talk, as God wills, separately – if you are interested, write. I wrote many of my articles at the request of my dear readers, you.

By the way, I have already written in part about one of the most famous ancient prophecies about the White Tsar (you will find dozens of articles on the topic on my channel) tells us mysterious details: “ At the death of the Ishmaelites , it will be opened; he will follow in the days of the Liv .” Handwritten Greek obverse collection of prophecies. (1584-1595). The “discovery” of the White Tsar is thus associated, firstly, with the “death of the Ishmaelites”, and secondly, it marks certain “days of the Liv”. I promised then to tell: in the days of what kind of ” Liv ” will the White Tsar open? There it is, this shower is the shower of the Holy Spirit.

And here is my funny fairy tale-parable about the White Tsar – in the best traditions of the Little Humpbacked Horse and Fedot Sagittarius. While many were suffering from idleness in quarantine, I wrote this Fairy Tale and played all the roles in it, except for women and a cat 🙂 This is such a cheerful spirit a Christian should have, a person who has a dream has faith. “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing comes from the Word of God.”

When the people, after a pandemic, war, famine and devastation caused by the four “horsemen” (different regions of the world and Russia will be affected to varying degrees – which is a separate conversation) – when the Russian people finally turn to God – this amazing Big Change will begin . And it will be opened by the White Tsar, the last forerunner, who comes in the power of the prophet Elijah .

But let’s finish reading this chapter of Joel. You know, under normal circumstances, I probably would never have ventured into such a long article – I know how people read. But then the Lord gave people a little more time, and I “cleverly took advantage of this” – for the Kingdom of God. So, on such a joyful, grace-filled event as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, it would seem that it would be good to finish the chapter and the events. But the prophet Joel, himself led by the Holy Spirit, shows us that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in such a visible, joyful, impressive way is done by God in order to imprint these people on the last short but expressive lessons that God is preparing to teach the evildoers and sinners . For this also is the Day of the Lord with its seven swift bowls of wrath. Joel gives keywords for all these bowls:

Big Change: The Bible's most positive prophecy about the outcome of the pandemic (10 photos)

30 And I will show signs in heaven and on earth: blood and fire and pillars of smoke. 31 The sun will turn into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes. 32 And it shall come to pass, whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved; for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be salvation, as the Lord said, and for the rest whom the Lord calls .

That’s it, friends. I really, really want to tell you about the same thing from the book of Revelation, or from Isaiah, or Daniel, or the Minor Prophets. Want so much. But you seem to have caught the main idea – yes, we are still shaking, and more than once, but between lessons there will be, thank God (if it’s good, we will ask the Teacher with prayer) – breaks. And then, before the coming of the Day of the Lord, there will be another change – the Great Change. This is the time of the White Tsar. But I have already written a lot about this, and I hope, with God’s help, to write more.

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