Juna’s predictions about the future of Russia and Ukraine

Juna was very popular during the era of the Soviet Union. All famous artists and politicians were friends with her. Businessmen simply overwhelmed her with all kinds of gifts. Every artist dreamed of drawing her, and every photographer dreamed of having a photo session with her. And the common people simply inspired and loved her.

Her gift manifested itself in her from childhood. Her touch healed wounds, warts disappeared, and bruises generally simply disappeared.

She treated her father for sciatica. He asked his little daughter to stand on her back, after which his back pain went away.

What predictions of Juna came true?

  • the crash of the Admiral Nakhimov;
  • accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
  • the collapse of the Soviet Union;
  • the death of Talkov;
  • Yeltsin will win the first election;

And this is not the whole list of what came true, since many of her predictions remained a secret behind seven locks.

Everyone knew about her gift. She was part of Yeltsin’s entourage.

What did Juna predict?

Before her death in 2015, Juna made her predictions about Russia and Ukraine.

  • In 2016, our page will end the economic crisis. Well, here I think she missed and many will agree with me, since he is still going.
  • After the financial crisis, the social strata will level out a bit.
  • In order for the economy to develop well, it is necessary to focus on agriculture.
  • Oligarchs and beggars will not go anywhere.
  • The United States will strongly press our country and will be considered a world leader, but not for long.
  • In the political showdown between Russia and Ukraine, the former will suffer greatly. When everything is over in Ukraine there will be complete poverty and everything will fall apart. But provided that the countries have a normal government, this will lead to unification.
  • There will be no wars and no end of the world.
  • In 2020-2025 Russia will reach maximum dawn. People will change for the better. Spirituality and morality will come first.

Let’s believe in Juna’s words together. There is nothing terrible about them. And may peace reign on earth and not end.

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