Mohsen Norouzi’s Predictions

1. Iranian Psychic Predictions: Global Economic Crisis

Iranian psychic Mohsen Norouzi predicted a large-scale economic crisis that will affect all countries of the world and will last until about 2020. The clairvoyant predicts that the geopolitical map of the world will radically change its appearance as a result of an economic catastrophe, the alignment of military forces and political influence in the world will change. Mohsen Noruzi confirms the words of Vasily Nemchin, a 16th-century astrologer who once predicted a large-scale crisis with the coming to power of a “black man” – the 44th ruler of a certain overseas state. Indeed, with the coming to power of Obama – the 44th President of America – large-scale changes in the world are already evident.

2. Predictions of an Iranian psychic for the US and EU countries

The United States has no future, the great power will be shaken, the country will lose its political influence and primacy in the world, says Iranian psychic Mohsen Noruzi. Predictions about the fate of the European Union are no less comforting. The clairvoyant prophesies disintegration for him: he will be divided into several independent associations. Scandinavia and the Baltics will revive the Hanseatic League, Spain, Italy and France will form the South European Union, the same will happen with the rest of the EU. The Iranian psychic suggests that the European Union, of course, can survive, but only formally – on paper.

3. Iranian psychic, predictions about the Third world war

According to the clairvoyant, it is in 2014 that humanity will stand on the very threshold of the Third World War. In the long term, the war is expected to start in the East. The clairvoyant is very afraid that its beginning will be laid in Iran. And this threatens with large-scale terrorist acts around the world.

4. Predictions about natural disasters

Back in 2011, Mohsen Noruzi predicted major climate change, floods followed by droughts, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes all over the planet. Well, most of his prophecies have already come true. And over time, the seer suggests, the number of disasters may increase. However, regarding the possible end of the world, he has positive forecasts: earthlings will live for a very, very long time, since their mission on the planet has not yet been completed.

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