Vanga’s shocking prophecy about Nibiru: fact or fiction?

Conspiracy theorists do not get tired of connecting the mystical planet Nibiru with the possible misfortunes of mankind. Not so long ago, information appeared that even the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga predicted cataclysms in connection with the influence of this cosmic body on Earth.

In particular, the fortuneteller spoke about the events that will occur in 2019 and will have detrimental consequences for the population of our planet. She meant a mass riot that could lead to the death of many people.

Conspiracy theorists have no doubt that Vanga predicted the appearance of aliens from Nibiru, although the clairvoyant herself did not mention such words. But in her predictions there are indications of highly developed representatives of hostile alien civilizations, and ufologists are repelled from this.

They are sure that there is more than enough evidence of the approach of Nibiru to the Earth. Many even post photos and videos on the Internet with a deadly planet fixed on them. However, official science is very skeptical of such data and refuses to recognize even the likelihood of the existence of Nibiru.

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