Elder Vladislav Shumov’s unknown predictions about Russia and the world

There are many people in the world who, with their predictions, help people prepare for certain events. And also thanks to them, anyone can know their future. Today I want to share with you information about the elder Vladislav Shumov.

He made predictions not only about his state, but also for the whole world. The elder could foresee what awaits the world in the future. Next, I want to introduce you to some of his prophecies.

  • He said that: “Moscow is waiting for strong earthquakes, after which 6 hills will connect.” If we consider this phrase in a figurative sense, then it can be interpreted as follows: “Great riots will begin in the capital, which will lead to changes in the administrative structure.”
  • Belarus will be greatly stormed, but all the troubles will end after it unites with Russia. But with regards to Ukraine, it will never calm down and will oppose Russia, despite the fact that people of the same blood live in these states and, in fact, they have nothing to share. Because of its stubbornness, Ukraine will shed many more tears.
  • Vladislav Shumov, as well as Vanga, Nostradamus, Rasputin, says that there will be a big flood on earth (or a flood, as it is more convenient for anyone to put it). The water element will engulf the United States of America, Japan and Australia. But the United States will go under water to Alaska, which will become Russian again, as it should be. China will also suffer greatly from the water element, the south of the country will absorb the Indian Ocean. The population of these areas will massively try to move to the Russian Federation, to the city of Chelyabinsk, but our government will unite with the Mongols and will not allow it, and those who leak unnoticed will be expelled from our lands. But after some time, the Chinese will again come to Chelyabinsk, but with a war, after which they will accept the Orthodox faith.
  • But the worst thing that threatens humanity is war. Its roots will begin to grow from Afghanistan (where the war will always continue), and it will go across the earth sowing destruction and death. One ruler will be elected in the world and his name will be Antichrist. This is not necessarily the coming to earth of Satan or the Devil, it can be any person in their guise. Russia does not need to get involved in these showdowns. She must prevent these comings, otherwise the earth will end.

These are not rosy predictions made by the elder Vladislav Shumov about Russia and the world.

What do you think about this?

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