Predictions of Sergei Vronsky about Russia

Sergei Vronsky is one of the most authoritative and respected astrologers and soothsayers of the 20th century in our country. He adopted his talent and abilities from his grandmother, who was a representative of a noble family in the Baltics. The woman herself was a seer.

At his conscious age, Sergei worked at a special Berlin institute, where he trained people with psychic abilities for Germany. The man had a unique gift.

During the Great Patriotic War, Sergei Vronsky was already working for the Soviet Union, although he had to endure many persecutions and lawsuits from the authorities. Only a miracle allowed the astrologer to avoid reprisals. Why did the USSR authorities allow him to work at their place? Many documentaries have been made about this.

The seer is known for giving the exact date of the defeat of Nazi Germany. In addition, he saved Hitler’s adviser Hess by giving a timely recommendation to leave the country. At some point, the prophet felt that he needed to return to Russia, although he understood that an unenviable fate could await him here.

The personality and special skills of Vronsky have always been the subject of close interest on the part of the authorities of our country. Very often one could see how cars with state signs were taking the prophet directly to the Kremlin. Vronsky always returned home with packages of scarce products.

Later, he admits that he often assisted government officials and scientists in a series of various issues. However, the predictions of the seer were often treated without due attention.

So, it can be noted that Vronsky predicted what would happen to Yuri Gagarin on March 27, 1968. In addition, the prophet knew how the life of US President John F. Kennedy and his brothers would end. The prophet saw the tragic outcome of the life of Marilyn Monroe. He advised Boris Yeltsin not to unleash a war with Chechnya, pointing to its unfavorable outcome. Now we can conclude that none of the mentioned people listened to the words of the prophet.

It can be said that in Russia Vronsky’s talents and abilities did not find their proper application.

However, Vronsky left behind a rich legacy: the cycle of works “Classical Astrology”, which is a reference book for many modern astrologers.

With regard to Russia, the seer did not make many prophecies, considering them unclaimed. He noted that the country is waiting for the beginning of a bright era from 2025, which will be characterized by a serious spiritual upsurge. To many questions about the future of the country, he refused to speak, referring to the fact that he had no right to reveal such important points.

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