Predictions of the elders about the future of Russia

  • In the near future, many large cities in Russia will suffer from natural disasters. It is because of them that Moscow will not be on the world map.
  • That in 2020 we should expect the fall of Moscow. Since its population will greatly increase, the ecology will deteriorate accordingly.
  • Those who live in the villages, the elders advise to stay there. It is there that comfort and well-being will be.
  • Also, according to the predictions of the elder, Russia is waiting for a change of power, approximately in 2020-2024. Perhaps the communists will come to power. There will be strikes, in which hundreds of thousands of residents of our country will take part.

Russia will prosper, there will be a new tsar, she will rise again and be freed from this satanic infection, and life will be very good, pious, but everything depends on our repentance, we need conciliar repentance so that we have a new tsar, without repentance the tsar will not come. For a short time, the Lord will send us a tsar again, but first there will be wars (…), communists and masons will come to power again (…), then terrible persecutions will begin, worse than in the post-revolutionary years.

– The war will be very fast, missile, and such that everything will be poisoned.

“A few meters into the ground, everything will be poisoned. And it will be very difficult for those who remain alive, because the earth will no longer give birth.

– After the war, there will be so few people left on earth, so few that Russia will be the center of the war

– There will be heat after the war and a terrible famine throughout the earth, and not only in Russia. And the heat is terrible, and there will be crop failures for the last five to seven years. At first everything will be born, and then it will rain, and everything will be flooded, and the whole crop will rot, and nothing will be harvested. All rivers, lakes, reservoirs will dry up, and the oceans will dry up, and all glaciers will melt, and mountains will leave their places. The sun will be very hot – People will be thirsty, they will run, look for water, but there will be no water. They will see – something glitters in the sun – and they will think that it is water, they will run up, but this is not water, but glass glitters.

– Buy a house with land. Relatives, do not leave, but unite, buy together (…). Buy houses in the village, even a dugout. God’s blessing is on it. Buy and immediately dig a well so that you have your own water, and immediately plant a willow (on the north side), because there is always water under the willow

– It will be possible to collect water drop by drop. These drops are the tears of the Mother of God – We will eat roots, herbs, and we must collect a leaf of linden. Here you will have bread and water. The Lord will feed by a miracle, by a miracle. Then the Lord will give crowns to the living, whoever does not betray God, who follows Him

– Here there will be a terrible famine, the corpses will be lying around, and you will have your own country, it will feed you. And don’t be lazy, don’t be lazy. The Lord loves work. You will return “scythe to scythe” – as the blessed Matronushka said, “plow to plow”. Read Matronushka, you will return to manual labor

– In those days, it will be possible to escape only in their homes. And in the city … what a passion there will be! The light will be turned off, the gas will be turned off, the water will be turned off … there will be nothing, and people will almost rot alive in their apartments.”

  • And in conclusion, everyone agrees on one thing. The salvation of the people in faith. Those people who sincerely believe in God will be saved from troubles and misfortunes.

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