Elder Anthony predicted the terrible future of mankind (7 photos)

Elder Anthony was and remains a very mysterious person even for the Christian world, not to mention all the other inhabitants of the Earth. Moreover, the Christian clergy believed and continues to insist on this until now, that his speeches are poison for the ears of believers. Despite such a sharp condemnation from the Church, among the Orthodox there are quite a lot of those who considered and still consider Anthony a great saint and still bow before his spiritual purity and wisdom.

Unknown old man

And this despite the fact that almost nothing is known about Anthony himself, although the elder did not live in some ancient times, he received his theological education in the second half of the nineteenth century, but he “captured well” the twentieth century, since he lived for more than a hundred years. According to the recollections of witnesses who revered this elder, he was tall (under two meters tall), powerful, and with his huge gray beard and long curly hair, he very much resembled a Russian hero. But the eyes were surprisingly meek and warm, radiating extraordinary kindness and love for everything and everyone.

Elder Anthony predicted the terrible future of mankind (7 photos)

The true name of Anthony and his place of residence is still hidden: the time has not yet come. True, you can read about his views on this world in the book “Spiritual Conversations and Instructions of Elder Anthony”, and about his life – in Anastasia Novykh’s parables about Shambhala “The Bird and the Stone”. And although the author does not even mention the name Anthony, in the description of the amazing old man of Shambhala, the image of Antony is guessed, although Anastasia never met this mysterious wanderer of the Earth. But what is surprising if it has long been known that writers do not compose anything, but only receive information from the Universal database. The talent of the writer lies precisely in taking from there the most intimate and important history at the moment, and then conveying it to the general public in the form of symbols understandable to us.

They say that despite the strict ban of the Church, thousands of pilgrims came to Anthony, many priests and monks were well acquainted with him, who visited the elder, talked with him and even left us their memories in the form of a unique literary work “Spiritual Conversations and Instructions Elder Anthony. From these notes, a rather bleak picture of the future of mankind emerges.

Anthony predicted terrible catastrophes

“The system of existence created by man, in fact, satanic, because it absolutely contradicts the laws of God, will begin to break down. Planes will fall, ships will sink, nuclear power plants and chemical plants will explode.”

Elder Anthony predicted the terrible future of mankind (7 photos)

Anthony constantly talked about this, also mentioning other terrible and large-scale man-made, environmental disasters that will hit the world in the next (our XXI) century. It is hard not to believe this, when today we are witnessing all this with our own eyes.

The Elder on the End of Sodom and Gomorrah

“And all this will be against the backdrop of terrible natural phenomena that will occur throughout the earth, but especially strongly in America. These are hurricanes of unprecedented strength, earthquakes, severe droughts. And, conversely, flood-like downpours. A terrible monster, modern Sodom – New York will be wiped off the face of the earth. Gomorrah – Los Angeles will not remain without retribution.

Elder Anthony predicted the terrible future of mankind (7 photos)

Modern New York has long been considered a “dying city”, which is gradually being physically destroyed, literally sinking into the ground, and its inhabitants – into moral devastation and hopelessness. As for Los Angeles, as if mockingly called the “city of angels” (obviously the angels of death), it has long become the capital of terrible crime, rampant prostitution and total drug addiction, so it can not only be called modern Gomorrah, but even necessary.

Antony on the terrible fall of ideals

“How many times has Satan tried to make moral corruption universal, all-encompassing, but he has always stumbled upon the formidable denunciation of the Church. The world has been covered with the darkness of contentment of a dozen developed countries, which the enemy has chosen as a support in the matter of intoxicating the whole world. The main percussion weapon in this case is the slogan of freedom! How much blood has been spilled in all revolutions and upheavals, social and pseudo-religious uprisings, political and mystical strife on the altar of the demon of “freedom”! It is he who has risen and overthrown, a creature that tried to appropriate the place of the Creator, he is the main freedom-lover. And his freedom is not the ability given to man by God to be perfect in every kind of virtue. No, his freedom is the most difficult bonds, the purpose of which is to deprive a person of the opportunity to choose between good and evil, leaving behind him only the procession to hell. This is the kind of freedom that will be achieved. And it would be fine with the Protestants, they, at one time, also fought for freedom and against the dictates of the Catholics, and, having come to power, the same Baptists staged such terror and bacchanalia that Europe shuddered! But where are ours?!”

Elder Anthony predicted the terrible future of mankind (7 photos)

It is difficult to add something to what has been said, even from the point of view of the modern moment – everything is so. It is enough to recall the experience of our closest neighbor – Ukraine, and then be horrified that exactly the same thing is being pushed today by Russian liberals – to take the path of Satan! No, please…

Elder Anthony about the general debauchery and the subsequent collapse of the world

“The first freedom that a demon needs, without which all others will crumble, is freedom of religion, the so-called religious tolerance. The essence of this movement is to open a wide road, primarily for young people, leading to Satan. Notice it’s a one way road. The second freedom, which is also cultivated in every possible way, is the freedom of moral depravity. Corruption will begin from a very early age in the form of education of the culture of the sexes and their relationships. Children will, and in some places this is already being done, be shown naked bodies, copulation, inciting lust, presenting all this as a normal state. Books and television will be full of naked people, terrible scenes of fornication. Being naked even in today’s clothes is just the beginning.”

Elder Anthony predicted the terrible future of mankind (7 photos)

Unfortunately (we already see this today), Satan managed to carry out his plan, as Antony predicted. And this is what will come of it in the end, he said sadly:

“And the one who remains alive will envy the dead instantly, for his fate is even more terrible – death from hunger and suffocation. Cities will be a terrifying sight. Even those that avoid complete destruction, deprived of water and electricity, heat and food supply, they will resemble huge stone coffins, so many people will die. Gangs of bandits will endlessly commit their atrocities, even during the day it will be dangerous to move in the city, but at night people will gather in large groups in order to try to live together until morning. Sunrise, alas, will not herald the joy of a new day, but the grief of the need to live this day.

Anthony did not say anything about how it all would end – with the Apocalypse, or, nevertheless, as many great prophets predict, the world would rise from the ashes into which satanic machinations had plunged it, and Muscovy would become the spiritual center and leader of this revival. It seems that he knew about the historical role of the Russian people, but he was in a hurry to warn Orthodox Christians about the danger, which is much more important than idle talk about the greatness of Russia.

Elder Anthony predicted the terrible future of mankind (7 photos)

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