Stalin’s prophecies about Russia

Probably, there is no person in our country who does not know who Stalin is. Everyone knows him as the ruler of the Soviet Union. Someone considers him one of the most terrible tyrants in the history of the Earth, someone considers him the greatest ruler who was in power at a very difficult time for the country. But practically no one knows Stalin as a prophet and predictor. Meanwhile, Stalin made many predictions, many of which actually came true.

Long before the war with Finland, Stalin talked about the imminent start of hostilities and predicted that they would be short-lived, but very difficult for the Union.

Regarding Germany, he also said that it was necessary to prepare for military operations, which would inevitably come in the very near future.

At that time, these statements seemed strange and incomprehensible to many, because the leaders of the countries assured each other of true friendship, congratulated each other on holidays, held joint parades, and conducted brisk and mutually beneficial trade.

Stalin also talked a lot about his personality in history. According to him, his name will be slandered and many deeds that he did not commit will be attributed to him.

Stalin also spoke about the problem of interethnic relations, which, undoubtedly, will be in the country of the Soviets. As can be seen from the course of further history, such a discord between the peoples of the country really did not take long to wait.

He also talked about the difficult relations with the Eastern countries that await Russia in the future, suggested that various sanctions against our country would be imposed by the Western countries. He said that a very difficult time awaits the country in the future, but after all, luck will return to Russia, and its citizens will breathe a sigh of relief.

Stalin foresaw the imminent flight of people into space and even proposed dividing the Earth’s satellite between the main countries of the world. It is quite possible that if a breakthrough in the field of rocket science had occurred during his lifetime, the first people on the moon would have been precisely the Russian people.

It is difficult to say whether Stalin really had any abilities in foresight, especially since many of the Leader’s contemporaries spoke of his alienation to everything mystical. It is quite possible that Stalin was an experienced futurologist and therefore could predict what awaits humanity in the future. Be that as it may, many of the predictions made by Stalin did indeed come true.

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