About Evdokia Chudinovskaya. Predictions (5 photos)

It is called “The Life and Miracles of Blessed Evdokia Chudinovskaya – the Holy Pearl of the Southern Urals! (Audio)”. The article consists of the memories of different people about the saint, there are examples of her insight, it is told how she helped people. We will not retell everything in detail, you can read it yourself.

Saint Dunyushka

About Evdokia Chudinovskaya. Predictions (5 photos)

Her name was Evdokia Tikhonovna Makhankova, she was born in the village of Mogilnaya, not far from the village of Chudinovo (Orenburg region) in 1870 to a peasant family. At the age of 7 she lost her mother. The father married another and, at the request of the stepmother, beat the girl, and then took her to Chudinovo, where she worked as a nanny for small children. But the girl did not become embittered, every weekend she came home to her village, carrying pieces of sugar to her stepmother’s children.

Once a robber caught her and brought her to him and said that she would cook food for him, and when she grew up, he would marry her. Leaving “for fishing”, he tied the girl to a birch and disappeared for several days. A wolf came to her, bit off the tip of her finger. The girl began to ask him to eat her, but the wolf ran away. The robber, when he returned, put her on her feet. She was able to run away from him.

About Evdokia Chudinovskaya. Predictions (5 photos)

She also faced other trials. Steppe people stole people into slavery. They caught Dunya, tied her to a horse and led her away. But the bailiff, noticing the steppes, chased them, they galloped, and the girl was dragged along the ground. She was all wounded, her wounds did not heal. But Dunyushka asked to release her tormentors, she did not bring charges against them. Because of the rotting wounds, they even drove her out of the church, saying that it was impossible to come with such a stench.

About Evdokia Chudinovskaya. Predictions (5 photos)

Once, on the orders of the hostess, Dunyushka fiddled with the flax and prayed. Suddenly I saw a beautiful woman in a blue sundress with a basket of strawberries. An unusual woman promised to help her, and also said that she was the Heavenly Mother and from that day on she would be the intercessor of the orphan. After she ran it over her face, all of the girl’s wounds, except for one, stopped hurting. And when Evdokia shed a tear, she said to her:

“Don’t cry, calm down! Pray more often, ask the Lord God. You still have a lot of trials, but you endure, believe, pray, be kind, goodbye everyone!

Indeed, her life was very difficult, but she was able to overcome everything, she became a saint, blessed, who not only helped people, but brought many to the church.

About Evdokia Chudinovskaya. Predictions (5 photos)

Archpriest Sergiy Gulko wrote about her:

“When I entered the house, in the hallway, which was also a kitchen, on the right, near the wall, there was a bed and on it lay an elderly grandmother, with the utmost acceptability, thin (as they later explained, she had nothing in her mouth for three months and four days ). But what touched and surprised me: she, for all her exhaustion, when there should have been neither appearance nor kindness, was unusually sweet. Something inexplicable attracted my attention to her, and I, in spite of my desire, standing at the head of the bed, at her feet, admired her.

What can you enjoy here? – there’s nothing to look at here … If one of my peers saw me in such a situation and state, he would probably twist his finger at my temple, saying: “What are you .., that one?” But I was the wrong one. In front of me lay a man leaving for God, from whom came a sweet, warm, bright, pure senile attractiveness. From her emanated what we so affectionately call – holy grace.


As for the predictions, Evdokia Chudinovskaya herself, of course, did not write down anything like that. If before that the article cited the memories of people who knew her, then under the part that talks about predictions, there is no reliable source.

Whether she said it or not, we cannot verify. But let’s quote them anyway. There is also a video that also talks about some of her prophecies, it also inspires confidence. The prediction starts at the 54th minute of the video.

The only prediction that seems to be the most reliable is what is written in the first part of the article, compiled by Priest Viktor Maximov:

“Dunyushka subsequently told her novices that she had seen heavenly cloisters and in hell, but briefly. And she did not at all spread about the fate of the people still living, saying: they cannot know. She only repeated tirelessly: give alms, it will save you.

And about what will happen in the country, she spoke more willingly, without naming names. About the fact that there will be a terrible war with other states, then even more terrible inside Russia among themselves, that they will ruin and destroy churches, kill priests and believers.

The predictions that are also given in the article are quite common on the Internet, but nowhere is it written who exactly wrote them down and when:

“Soon the Chinese will drink tea in Chelyabinsk, yes, yes, they will drink tea. Today you have icons, but you will live to the point that you wall up one icon in the entrance hall, and you will secretly pray for it. Because there will be large taxes for each icon, but there will be nothing to pay.
And you will also live to the point that all of you, the believers, will be sent to the North, you will pray and feed on fish, and those who will not be sent, stock up on kerosene and lamps, for there will be no light.
Gather three or four families in one house and live together, it is impossible to survive alone. You get a piece of bread, climb into the cellar and eat. If you don’t climb in, they’ll take it away, or else they’ll kill you for this piece.”
Blessed Evdokia told people: “Tell your people that, going to bed, they forgive all offenses, because if you lie down under one authority, and get up under another, everything will happen at night. You will fall asleep in your bed, and wake up beyond the edge of life, where every unforgiven offense will fall like a heavy stone on your soul.

From the memoirs of Evdokia: “Once Dunyushka sat, sat, seemed to be sleeping, and then she went up to the cradle with the baby and how she pricked him with a spindle:“ That’s how it will be.
– Why are you like that, Dunyushka? we ask her.
“I’m not him, I’m all of them like that,” and showed how all Russian children will be killed with bayonets.”
“When you are led to torment, do not be afraid. A quick death is better than slavery, the blessed one warned.
The blessed one was asked: “When will this be, mother?”
“At first they will open churches, and there will be no one to go to them, then they will build a lot of magnificent houses with decorations, but soon there will be no one to live in them, the Chinese will come, they will drive everyone out into the street, then we will burst into tears. When that will be is a mystery.
A man told me that at the end of the world there will be two Paschas. Right and wrong. The priesthood will correct the wrong, and the war will begin.

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