Predictions about the war in 2020 (3 photos)

Forecasts concerning global conflicts appear annually. They are created by seers, psychics and even elders. The prediction of war in 2020 affects Russia, Ukraine, America and European countries. Experts agree on one thing – there will be neither winners nor losers in the conflict.

global conflict

The end of the world has been talked about for years. Contemporaries re-interpret the old prophecies of Vanga or Nostradamus. Even during their lifetime, the seers feared conflicts. The end of the world was talked about again in 2018, because. the lost prophecies of the elders were found. News of the find shocked the public.

The topic of the Third World War is relevant in 2020 for the following reasons:

  • unfavorable conditions have developed in the world (civil war on the territory of Ukraine, tense situation in Syria);
  • negative predictions are based on predictions that have already come true;
  • the nuclear power of Asian countries is growing.

According to experts, any action taken in 2019 will affect events in 2020. Heads of state that are involved in conflicts should be careful. The longer the confrontation lasts, the harder it is to restore peace and find a compromise.


World War III is the result of several factors at once: conflicts, secret confrontation between the most influential countries in the world and self-interest. In World War III, people will fight for power. Psychics say that the first prerequisite will be a lack of resources. Famine will begin in Europe. Countries that are used to living well will not be able to adapt. There will be no resources in our country either, but it will be able to quickly overcome the crisis. Asian countries will come to the rescue.

The 3rd global conflict will be the result of ambition. According to psychics, Russia and America will be to blame for the problem.

The opinions of experts regarding military operations differ. The 3rd nuclear war is a confrontation that will destroy natural resources. Recovery from conflict will take a long time. There will be no winners or losers in the end.

Relations between Russia and America

Forecasts regarding Russia’s relations with America indicate tension and instability. In recent years, the United States has been trying to establish relations with our country for profit. Clairvoyants predict that the double game will play a cruel joke on the United States. Other negative forecasts are also connected with America. The last days of stability last in the country. Worsening weather conditions, cataclysms in the first months of 2020 will take away the time allotted for solving foreign policy affairs.

Americans will not be able to respond in time to changing orders. Negative prophecies indicate that US attempts to resolve the situation in Donbas will become another reason for conflict with Russia. An imaginary peacekeeping operation is the first step in a global confrontation.

The situation in Donetsk

Predictions about the war in 2020 (3 photos)

Ukrainian land may perish

The situation in Donetsk will be stable throughout the next year. Russia will not be involved in the confrontation. Blood will be shed again in the Donbass. Clairvoyants say that as long as it is beneficial for Russia, the confrontation will continue. In Crimea, everything will be unchanged. Russia has a secret plan that can harm Ukraine.

Ukraine has a huge role to play in the war: battles will unfold on its territory, which will lead to the death of the Ukrainian land.

Russia’s New Asian Partners

The prediction regarding relations with China is most positive for Russia. Asian partners will be reliable. Relations with Korea will improve in 2020. Accurate forecasts indicate that China, Russia and Turkey will enter into a conflict at the end of the year, which will be short-lived, but significant.

The situation in Syria

The world community is waiting for a global armed confrontation to begin, not suspecting that the conflict is already in full swing.

The exact date of the start of hostilities depends on stability in Syria and Ukraine.

The latest news confirms the fears of clairvoyants. According to them, if another confrontation breaks out in the coming months, there will be a catastrophe. Syria in 2020, it is important to find the strength and resources to establish peace.

Clairvoyant predictions

Vanga, Nostradamus, the elders spoke about important changes in the world. Their opinions are shared by modern psychics. War is indeed possible. Many events that are not directly related to military operations point to it.

Vanga’s opinion

Baba Vanga had followers and admirers even at the time when she was alive. She loved Russia with all her heart and often made predictions about her future. With chagrin, Vanga predicted discord between the fraternal peoples.

Famous Vanga predictions regarding the Third World War:

  • the confrontation will begin suddenly;
  • more than a hundred states will be involved in it;
  • the main military operations will take place on the territory of Europe;
  • the number of victims will increase every day;
  • new alliances will appear;
  • the whole world order will change, the borders of existing states will change.

Vanga’s negative predictions are associated with the outcome of the confrontation. Humanity will not have the strength to restore art, religion, to reach a certain level of spirituality.

The opinion of the elders

Predictions about the war in 2020 (3 photos)

The elders talked about the possibility of world conflict

For Orthodox people, the predictions of the elders are important – clergy over 70 years old. The elders give not only accurate forecasts, but also advice to help overcome the crisis. Most of the elders are canonized as saints.

Athos elders spoke about the possibility of a world conflict. It will be the result of the greed and ambition of the heads of state who do not think about the people. The civilian population will suffer, bloodshed and sorrow await them. Catastrophic events will destroy art, make the world greedy and angry.

The consequences of the confrontation will have to be eliminated for decades to come. The predictions of the elders indicate that it is still possible to prevent such events, but for this the government of influential countries must think about the people and their security.

Opinion of Nostradamus

According to Nostradamus, there is no need to wait for peace. Large-scale conflict will destroy the world. Cataclysms and nuclear war will incinerate the earth. So the planet will be cleansed of the most terrible disease – from man. The outcome of the confrontation is predetermined. Russia is destined for a difficult future. Having got involved in the conflict, the country will not be able to get out of it without losses.

Opinion of modern clairvoyants

The opinion of psychics regarding the Third World War does not always converge. Some contemporaries support Vanga and Nostradamus, who believe that war is possible, and some give favorable forecasts. According to Vera Lyon, developed countries should be afraid not of confrontation, but of real cataclysms. Soon Europe and America will starve.


According to the forecasts of psychics, the world will change. The nature of change depends on the people. In order to avoid the Third World War, it is required to make certain efforts. No one can know for sure how it will all end.

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