Predictions of the monk Abel for the 21st century, which became a reality (4 photos)

Abel is considered an incredibly amazing prophet of the Russian people. Many rumors and legends swirl around his name and his life. Almost everything that he reported and prophesied came true with amazing accuracy. The authorities did not like him and he spent almost half of his life behind bars.

He was born in 1757, in the Tula province, part of his life passed in the usual way with his wife and children. The events that changed his life remain a mystery or history is silent about them, it is only known that he went to the monastery at about 30 years old.

Predictions of the monk Abel for the 21st century, which became a reality (4 photos)

For the first time he shared his prophecy after several years of staying in different monasteries. His first prophecy about the death of Catherine 2 caused fury among his superiors, they called him a blasphemer and handed him over to the authorities for further trial.

If the Queen herself had not intervened, he would have been executed in the near future, but he was exiled to prison.

After a short time, Catherine really died. Paul ascended the throne, studying the manuscripts of the prophet, he decided to release him and return the dignity of the monk. But as a result, he ended up in exile again after some time.

Predictions of the monk Abel for the 21st century, which became a reality (4 photos)

His prophecies, after being deciphered, are described thus:

Abel prophesied the refusal of Boris Yeltsin from power, and in fact it happened, his decision to leave the throne in 1999 was a surprise to everyone.

He also described a man with a different face on Yeltsin’s shoulder, historians describe this man as Putin, since a lot of controversy and disagreement goes around how many Putins we already had and will have more.

The monk also prescribes the war in a period of 15 years under the reign of this little man (compared to Yeltsin, Putin is much smaller). The events in the Caucasus are proof of this. There were also references to a short-term replacement in power when a young man sits on the throne (at the moment it looks like Medvedev).

Abel on his icons mentioned 10 kings, only after which Russia would become a great and powerful power of the whole world.

The monk even predicted the day of the apocalypse, according to experts, scheduled for 2780.

And by 2024, if you trust his words, a new emperor is waiting for Russia, who will noticeably change our future for the better and will lead the people to greatness.

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