Did Nostradamus predict an alien invasion in 2020? (3 photos)

For many people, this prophecy marks the beginning of the third world war, after the arrival of extraterrestrial beings on our planet. Some associate this with the second coming of Christ. The current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, will manage to conclude a pact with the invading aliens, who will later live peacefully on Earth, but will force them to change the DNA in our genome so that humanity becomes less aggressive.

The book of Revelation confirms this.

The last book of the Bible called “Revelation” clearly reveals what are the unequivocal signs of the end of time, prior to the return of the promised Messiah. It is mentioned that this advent will be preceded by a great world conflict, which will begin with the fall of the stars.

This is a confirmation of the prophecy of Nostradamus , which refers to the time of the end of the five-year period, which lasted from 2015 to 2020. He points out that during this period there should be an alien invasion, which in the Bible is called the fall of the stars, a fact that will mark the beginning of the third world war, which will be short but exterminating. The prophecy says that a third of the world’s population, that is, about 2.5 billion people, will die, and then the end will come.

In fact, biblical prophecy and Nostradamus’ predictions complement each other, but only a careful study of both scriptures can give us enough information to fully understand the inevitable outcome of events that will mark the final fate of the world.

Did Nostradamus predict an alien invasion in 2020? (3 photos)

The sacred text makes it clear that mankind needs to prepare for the great tribulation, in which the children of God will be separated from the children of the evil one.

This grief is mainly caused by the emergence of a devastating military conflict, the third world war, which, in addition to the destruction of part of humanity, will bring all kinds of disasters to the earth, such as epidemics, famines, genetic diseases due to the use of chemical and biological weapons and other disasters.

The role of world powers in the final battle

The third world war has nothing to do with the previous ones, it will be the “least earthly” of the wars, and the existence of mankind will be at stake. However, the world powers, realizing that they will not be able to control the outcome of this conflict, have already begun to rearrange the pieces on a huge chess daughter in order to secure a privileged position in the New World Order that will be established.

Did Nostradamus predict an alien invasion in 2020? (3 photos)

Currently, two clearly defined poles of power are emerging in the arena of world geopolitics: on the one hand, the Western powers, led by the US-Vatican alliance, and on the other, the Eastern powers, led by the Russia-China alliance.

Both factions are currently vying for control of strategic spaces that could influence the outcome of World War III, such as Syria, Ukraine, Libya and Venezuela. But it was the Chinese who upped the ante by entering into direct negotiations with the aliens (who are preparing for an imminent invasion of Earth in the same 2020), did not resist them and instead provided access to cheap labor provided by the large population of the China-India axis, which is home to more than 2.6 billion people.

All this in exchange for the fact that they will become their allies in the third world war and help in the destruction of NATO forces led by the United States

Coming of Christ

However, what the world powers have not seen or do not want to see is that the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Apocalypse promise the coming of an almighty Savior immediately after the signs of the end time appear, in which case no earthly or alien power can enforce any previous agreements. or agreements, because the power of the one who comes is greater than any other power in the universe, and they will only have to wait for the decisions of the promised Last Judgment, which may occur before 2021.

At the moment, the NATO alliance feels confident because it has the Pope on its side, who is the representative of Christ on Earth, and for this reason they are determined to deal with the Russian-Chinese alliance.

The third world war will begin with an alien attack on all the computer systems of the Earth, as happened on May 12 last year with a hacker attack on the Spanish telephone company Movistar, which left most of the users around the world without communication with the outside world and which was only a rehearsal of what will happen this year.

To believe or not to believe?

The quatrains that a French astrologer wrote 500 years ago are still being studied. His lyrics are impressive because he was able to accurately predict several great events in the history of mankind. But while there are many prophecies that have come true, Nostradamus has already been wrong in his predictions at least twice: the end of the world, which he predicted for 2000, and the third world war, which was supposed to begin in 2006, never happened. Maybe it’s for the best?

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