What’s next for America? Trump is the last 44th President of the United States? Prophecies.

There are quite a lot of predictions that there will be riots in the United States of America, a second civil war and the strongest cataclysms will begin. Numerous prophets and psychics predict the collapse of the country into several independent states. All this should all start under the 44th President of the United States.

Since George Washington, the country has been led by 43 people. Trump is the 44th President of the United States. But will he be the last?

The fact is that Howard Cleveland, the one who opened the Statue of Liberty in New York, was both the twenty-second and twenty-fourth president of the United States.  Therefore, if we count by heads, then there are 43 presidents in the United States today. From here, Donald Trump (actually!) became 44th!

What exactly does the prophecy say about this?

The first person to possibly mention the 44th President of the United States was a medieval soothsayer who called himself Ragno Nero (Black Spider). In his “Eternal Book”, found in 1972 in one of the Bolognese monasteries, there seem to be the following lines:

From the predictions of Rano Nero:

“A power on the shores of two oceans will be the strongest on Earth. It will be ruled by rulers for four years, the 44th of which will be the last.

What's next for America? Trump is the last 44th President of the United States? Prophecies.

It is difficult to say how reliable this prediction is, and here’s why:

  1. Many researchers consider even the manuscript itself to be a fake. It is only known that it was written no later than the 17th century, and Ragno Nero lived in the 14th or 15th century. It is possible that the monks corrected the manuscript after the death of the Black Spider.
  2. Few have seen the manuscript itself. And even more so, no one bothered to scan the “Eternal Book” in the original. The only source is the book “Le profezie del Ragno Nero” or Predictions by Ragno Nero , written by Baschera Renzo in 1981. Maybe he came up with the whole thing.
  3. The book was last reprinted in 1984. And what is available now does not include all the prophecies, and the 44th president is not mentioned there. But there are these lines: in 1776 (the year the USA was founded) there will be Un tappeto di Stelle – “Carpet of the Stars”, and in 2016 (the year of the next election 2020) Le stelle verranno cambiate – “The stars will be changed.”

Predictions of Vasily Nemchin

Another legend on the same topic is attributed to the Russian seer Vasily Nemchin, who (according to various sources) lived in the 14th, 15th, or even 17th century. He also wrote a big book of predictions, where, it seems, there is something about the United States. Nemchin, however, did not speak of the 44th president as the last, he only said that:

“Big problems will come from across the ocean when a black person is in power.”

But here, too, there are a few inconsistencies:

• Even the very existence of Vasily Nemchin raises doubts. Who knows about him? Pavel Globa, who discovered in 1989 in the monastery archive in Polotsk a book of his predictions? So he could lie. There are no other sources that Nemchin is a historical figure.

• The book itself has disappeared somewhere. As a result, we read all Nemchin’s prophecies in the retelling of the same Globa (he, it seems, managed to make some extracts), but can we take his word for it? Even if such a book existed, there is no way to verify the authenticity of the “translation”.

• Finally, this phrase is not even in the version that Pavel Globa offers us. Most likely, this is a common fake. Many generally write that “the 44th President of the United States will drag the country into an adventure, and the state will fall apart,” and refer to Vasily Nemchin.

What's next for America? Trump is the last 44th President of the United States? Prophecies.

Edgar Cayce’s predictions about the USA

The famous “sleeping prophet” really predicted America the strongest cataclysms that will happen sooner or later. But he did not mention that they would begin under the 44th president:

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) spoke of the future troubles that the United States would experience: “Although there will be periods of great upheaval, when brother will rebel against brother, group, sect or race will rebel against race – still there must be a balance.”

He also warned of a major upheaval in the US, urging “those at the pinnacle of power to use their means, money, education, and position” to give consideration to those less privileged in society:

“As far as these people are concerned, eventually there will be a coup in this country – and one area will rise up against another. For it is a question of equality and of the ways that people resort to when there is abundance in some areas and a lack of livelihood in others.

What's next for America? Trump is the last 44th President of the United States? Prophecies.

What did the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga say about the 44th US President?

“A black man will come to the White House. And this president will be the last for the country. Because then America will freeze or fall into the abyss of a major economic crisis. It may even break up into northern and southern states.

This is a prophecy, possibly made by a Bulgarian soothsayer in 1979. This prediction is too well-known to be questioned right off the bat. Thousands of users on different resources repeat her words:

But it has not yet been possible to find documentary sources confirming the authenticity of the prophecy. The authors of the videos refer to “unique footage from private archives, the existence of which no one knew, but they found.” And the authors of the texts mention the publications of researchers who are also nowhere to be found.

What's next for America? Trump is the last 44th President of the United States? Prophecies.

Everyone in America knows about the curse of Indian Chief Tecumseh, who predicted that every American leader elected in a year divisible by 20 would die or be killed before the end of his term.

By the way, this happened with William Harrison, and with John F. Kennedy. And, looking at the elderly Joe Biden, for some reason this curse is also remembered.

Perhaps Joe Biden will indeed become the last president of the United States, as the country’s unjustified electoral system will change and the United States of America will become a parliamentary republic.

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