Predictions of Pelagia of Ryazan. What will happen to Russia in the 21st century

Many people know or probably heard about Pelageya Ryazanskaya, in other sources she is referred to as Pelageya Zakharovskaya. The real name and surname of this holy woman is actually Pelageya Alexandrovna Lobacheva.

Pelageya was born on October 20, 1890 in the village of Zakharovo. That is why the locals knew her as Pelageya Zakharovskaya. Only after the expiration of half a century, in Orthodoxy, people learned about her as Pelagia of Ryazan.

Pelageya was born in an ordinary peasant family. She was born a horsefly, but despite this, God rewarded her with numerous gifts. He endowed her with insight and a good memory. Pelagia learned psalms and prayers after hearing them three times.

The life of the young Pelageya was not easy. Her brother and sister considered her inadequate and perceived her only as a heavy burden. When Pelageya grew up, she had to wander a lot and live on the alms of people. But she did not lose her spiritual gift, and it was thanks to him that she overcame all her hardships.
A little later, she found her shelter of believers. And then Pelagia opened another gift. Through her prayers, people with various ailments began to be healed.

Pelageya left behind a lot of sayings. Even during her lifetime, she said that the relics of Seraphim of Sarov were replaced during her lifetime. After that, as time passed, she was severely criticized by Patriarch Alexy 2.

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